2016 Core Sensor 2/2+ Kitesurfing Bars and Lines

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2016 Core Sensor 2/2+ Bar and Lines, this bar is incredibly strong, light and comes in two versions. The Sensor 2 is fixed at 24m but the Sensor 2+ has line options of 24m/22m/20m/18m.


Your session stoke factor relies heavily on your gear. Your harness, kite, bar and board all play a role. But some play a bigger role in how your day turns out. A great kite, for example, may disappoint when paired with a “cheap” bar.

Here at CORE, we believe the control bar contributes more than you would expect to kite performance and feel. And so, we remind our product engineers to raise the bar with the Sensor 2! 


Sensor 2 has everything to make the perfect connection between you and your kite. Its SSF safety system, titanium core, auto untwist and Rotor quick release are just some of the innovations we stuffed into the bar to make your connection simple, direct, and safe. 
The Sensor 2’s magic happens when the bar’s functional simplicity meets its featherweight 230g unibody bar. With virtually no inertia, it has the uncanny ability to transfer your thoughts into action in mere picoseconds. 



  • 230G Unibody Bar

Featherlight, unibody bar. 230 grams in weight. One of the keys to the Sensor 2's light and intense feedback feel is in the low mass bar design.

  • Titanium Core

The strongest bar ever. Internal, aircraft quality, grade 5 titanium alloy truss to reinforce the bar. The titanium's featherlight rigidity gives, in part, the Sensor 2's direct feel.

  • Exchangeable Bar Inserts

Simple and replaceable. Bar inserts that surround the depower lines lubricate the lines as they pass through the bar to reduce wear. The inserts are also easily and inexpensively replaced without tools.

  • Eva Grip

The Sensor 2 sports a deeply contoured EVA grib for long lasting comfort and excellent hold.

  • Supported Single Frontline Safety (SSF)

Exclusive to Core. When the Rotor quick release is activated, the kite will release all its power and gently drift with the leading edge facing down and nose to the wind until the front tube kisses the water. The kite will stay in a 'drift launch position' (nose to wind) until you are ready.

  • Sensor Adjuster

Easy, one line, trim adjustment for those who prefer simplicity. The clam cleat design reduces pulling effort by 25% which is noticeable in powered conditions. You can also lower the cleat for a shorter reach.

  • Rotor Quick Release

Releasing the kite is as simple as turning the mechanism in either direction for a simple, safe and intuitive process. It's well known that more torque can be generated twisting than pushing or pulling. The quick release system does not require you to overcome the flow of water. It's easy to use, safe and has great performance.

  • Auto Untwist

All your twists are held under the bar, simply pull down and they'll unravel on their own. A feature we at S2AS think makes like so much easier.

  • Spliced Ends

Not simply folded over and stitched up. Braided loop before stitching for a safer and stronger connection.

  • Lines Made In Germany

Head treated, pre-stretched and incredibly strong. 1.8mm thick with a breaking strength of 368kg.

  • Vario Width

One bar covers all kite sizes from 5-19m. Adjustable from 46cm to 52cm by moving one knot. The best design are the simple ones. Pull back on one little knot and move it from the side to the top of the bar, pull the bar out and then replace the knot. Easy as that and super strong.

  • Short Safety Leash

50cm long safety leash, easy to see, easy to grab and doesn't tangle. Protech yourself with a short leash. Better for waves.

  • Core Loop/Stick Set

Designed to move out of the way when unhooking so that you can hook abck in easier. This design also prevents unintentional unhooking as well.

  • Sensor 2+ Bar System

Fully adjustable line lengths. 18m/20m/22m/24m. Say whaaaat?

  • Pro Leash 2

Incredibly strong leash that comes with an optional extender 170cm/215cm. Ridiculous half a ton breaking strength.

  • Pro Loop Stick Set

Freestyle professionals love this set. Slightly longer loop. Don't forget to move the trim adjuster a bit closer as the loop is bigger.


If you have any more questions on the 2016 Core Sensor 2/2+ Kitesurfing Bar and Lines, give us a call on 01202 738448 or drop into our store and we'd be happy to assist you!


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