CTRL are a core brand of focused wakeboarders bringing you some amazing wakeboards and bindings an incredable price. If you have seen any of the CTRL riders they kill it! They have created and developed many of the emerging technologies we see today in there wakeboards. From board inception to final design, they worked tirelessly with there core team comprised of Keith Lidberg, Lior Sofer, Matty Hasler, Phil Soven and Angelika Schriber to bring you some of the best wakeboards and bindings. CTRL exploded in to the industry in 2010 and are showing no sing of slowing down. Their boards are built to last and progress your riding every time you go on the water. CTRL have a great range of wakeboards and wakeboard bindings for all levels whether you are just starting out for your first laps round the lake or you are pushing the air tricks.
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