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Stay comfortable and in control with the huge range of kitesurfing harnesses from Dakine and Mystic on sale at S2AS.

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We stock a wide range of kitesurfing harnesses from top brands including Dakine and Mystic, both of these brands provide very high-quality harnesses that can be used for multi-sport or dedicated to kitesurfing. They also come in a variety of colours, styles, sizes and prices to suit anyone's price range and taste, the kitesurfing harnesses that we stock contain multiple features to make comfort and performance their highest importance, for example the Mystic Warrior 2015 Harness has 3-D moulded foam interior and exterior, HP system detachable, covered side parts, double power leash ring, soft neoprene edges, HP system included, multi-spreader with low torque fixation, spreader protection and battle belt waist closure to put comfort to the max so that your session is not cut short because of your harness.

If you have any questions about the kitesurfing harnesses that we stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.

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