Ride Snowboarding was started in 1992 as a brand for the people, built upon technical innovation, superior quality and selling the dream. Ride has grown massively since they first started and now are involved in every aspect of snowboarding. Ride snowboards are amazing! The build quality and technology put in to every design aspect of a product is crazy. Ride uses a Thermal Construction Technology process that allowes them to have innovations like Cleave Edge, Slimewalls and Carbon Array power distribution taking tech's to the next level. Rides range of snowboards can take you from the park to the powder and everywhere in between. Ride dont only make snowboards there selection of bindings are top of the line with there Aluminum Infinity Chassis System to keep the strength and durability up while keeping the weight down, using carbon and thin grip straps for ultimate board response. Rides selection of accessories such as there wheelie travel bags and snowboard specific back pack you can look after you gear when your not on the slopes.
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