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Stay comfortable and in control with the huge range of ski boots from Full Tilt, K2 and many other brands all on sale at S2AS.

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We stock a large range of ski boots from a variety of brands including K2 and K2 Skis, both of these brands provide ski boots of all different colours, styles and sizes to suit anyone's taste and ability from entry level up to expert. All of the ski boots that we stock are extremely durable and will suit any riding styles across the mountain from park riding to backcountry shredding, this is achieved by the multiple features that are included in the ski boots such as replaceable heel pads, thermoplastic urethane, adjustments for the lower leg angles and velcro power straps to create an extremely strong and comfortable feel whilst wearing the boots.

If you have any questions about the ski boots that we stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.

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