Mens Summer Wetsuits

Stay warm all through the summer season with the huge range of mens summer wetsuits from O'Neill and Mystic on sale at S2AS.

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Here at S2AS we know there's nothing worse than being cold out on the water this is why we stock a wide range of men's summer wetsuits from high-quality brands including O'Neill and Mystic, the wetsuits that these brands provide vary from Longarm and long leg 4/3mm to shorty 2mm and come in all different colours, styles, sizes and prices to suit anyone's taste or price range. The men's summer wetsuits that we stock contain a variety of features dedicated to keeping you warm, comfortable and maneuverable, these features include ultra flex DS, light and flexible GBS seams, lumbar seamless design, unfinished cuffs, aqua barrier and critical taping inside.

If you have any questions about the mens summer wetsuits that we stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.

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