Union is dedicated to designing the strongest, lightest, performance driven snowboard bindings on the planet. Union are always pushing the design of their bindings coming up with new shapes, concepts and materials Union have another Industry First now using forged Carbon in their bindings it is the lightest and strongest material on the market giving you peak performance and heelside response and control. Nothing else comes close. Unions bindings are compleatly adjustable from the toe strap down to the heal cup so you can find a perfect fit for boot to board control. Union do every part of the process in house, from pioneering new materials to CNC machining a new baseplate, is done with zero outsourcing. Every single piece of a Union binding is therefore completely exclusive to Union. You can’t find it anywhere else. Union also offer a lifetime warranty on all baseplates and heelcups. So, if you break, or even crack your baseplate or heelcup during riding, Union will replace it for life. Guaranteed. With so many bindings to choose from and colours depending on your style of riding whether you like to hit the park, back country or charge all over the mountian Union have the perfect binding for you!
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