2020 Core XR6 LW Kitesurfing Kite

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Take a look at the new 2020 Core XR6 LW Kitesurfing Kite at S2AS!

High Performance Freeride+ | Freestyle | Wave

Everyone in kiting has experienced those days when the wind just tempts us. The XR6 LW takes out the guesswork of whether or not you can ride, trust us you can. The XR6 LW inherits all the power and range of its legendary little brother the XR6 while receiving measurable weight saving upgrades like CoreTex Light and Exotex Slim Struts!

Fourteen years of development, hundreds of prototypes, and many inhospitable test sessions have gone into the XR6's signature ride. Frank Ilfrich, Core's head designer, knows how important it is not to lose the DNA that makes the XR what it is today and his team has succeeded again. The XR LW's linear responsiveness continues to deliver effortless cruising, record-breaking hangtime, and super smooth landings.

After six generations, they've dialled in the characteristics  Like prodigious power. Unbelievable depower. And precise control on the water and in the air. With the same tread depth in the centre as the XR5, but slightly flatter on the outside. For this purpose, the Bridle connection points and Strut geometry have been revised, small but crucial adjustments allow for even more control in high end, higher airspeed and better upwind capabilities, more pop and faster spin!

The XR6 LW continues with Core's highly successful 5-strut, Delta Bow shape that isn't just a fan favourite; it also breaks records. Frank Ilfrich, went over every small detail and found weight savings in the leading edge, extra speed in the canopy, and efficiency improvements to our Speed Pump System. Frank and his team modified the strut curves to extract more stability especially when powered. The additional strut rigidity (and lowend grunt) required a small adjustment to the CIT bridle points to add a little more power steering. 

Now, it's your turn to break some personal bests with the new XR6.

Key Features:

Delta Bow Shape: The XR6 curves with its concave trailing edge into a classic bow shape, with swept tips show genes of the Delta shape. This creates a greater depower and full power for better boosting, upwindability and earlier planing. Further improvements have allowed for even more pop and higher airspeeds.

5 Strut Frame: Lightwind kites require a stable screen in order to quickly gain reliable flow and propulsion. The XR6 Lw relies upon the tried and tested 5-Strut design for a stronger, stiffer and all-round more dynamic profile. Having been redesigned for the XR6 the struts have new geometry and seam guide, for more control, lift and hangtime without increasing the overall weight

CIT Modes: Allows the kitesurfer to adapt the kite to their riding preferences, with three different modes: Wave, Freestyle and Allround, for optimal revving and steering forces

Exotex® Slim Struts: Zero stretch airframe utilising a radical reinforcing thread pattern and protective coating process that allows for a higher pressure with a smaller diameter

Coretex® Light: Exclusive to Core this ripstop material is a lighter weight fabric which provides incredible breaking strength and tear resistance

Ultralight Wingtips: ExoTex Dacron provides weight saving on the leading and trailing edge whilst protecting trhe areas that come into contact with beach

Intelligent Arc: Designed to anticipate your desires in the air, by changing the projected area more up to more than 10%, pull on the bar and the kite spreads out its tips like wings, push it away and the kite pulls back in. Allowing the XR6 LW to seamlessly transition from big air boosting machine to precision turning instrument

Short Bridle System: Allows the XR6 LW to respond to the riders control impulses in a flash, resulting in perfectly linear depower, extremely dynamic flight and turning characteristics

Speed Valve 2: The Speed Valve 2 connects directly to any standard 20mm OD twist lock pump hose. The Speed Valve 2 maximizes airflow, minimizes inflation times and noticeably reduces pump pressure. This inflation/deflation system is so good you may even have the energy for an extra trick or two.

Speed Pump System: Fully pumped in no time. Huge air hoses and strut valves allow uninhibited air flow. And when you haven't kited in a few days, every second counts :)

Instant Relaunch: Reliable water starts in difficult conditions.

Sensor Bar Ready: For maximum kite feedback and control pair this kite with a Sensor 2 or 2S bar.

6 Year Parts Availability: Core's Industry leading durability is backed by a 6-year replacement parts guarantee

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