2019 Ronix One Timebomb Boat Wakeboard

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Take a look at the new 2019 Ronix One Timebomb Boat Wakeboard at S2AS!

The 2019 Ronix Timebomb their most iconic wakeboard ultilises Instant Energy and classic 3-Stage Rocker, for a quick reaction and huge pop!

3-Stage Rocker profile produces a more straight up explosive kick off the wake, ideal for riders who go behind a big boat but still provides a solid pop on smaller wakes. Magic Carpet laminates let Ronix fine-tune the resin adherence to obtain the desired ride characteristics. In the Timebomb everything is turned up to 11, the addition of a second piece of glass (I-Beam) that wraps through the core provides the snappy response only usually found in carbon yet also delivers the dampening qualities of fibreglass.

Internally, the Mod Pour core is an ultra-stiff alternative foam blend that remains super strong at an incredibly low weight, then reinforced with Fuse Stringers that help generate the maximum amplitude possible, then combined with Aircore 3 to further reduce the swing weight whilst giving more contact and feel for ideal boat riding.

Finally, the Low Friction Base and Speedwalls offer less resistance for quicker glide and topwater speeds.


3-Stage Rocker: An exaggerated rocker line with a high degree of angle and a later arc for that delivers a more instantaneous explosion off the wake.

Instant Energy: Ronix aren't as concerned about flex as other brands, Ronix want to to know about the reaction that flex produces. Instant Energy provides a straight up explosive pop the moment the tip of the board hits the wake.

Mod Pour Core: Ronix's exclusive blend of atoms has the highest strength to weight ratio Ronix has ever tested 

Aircore 3: Providing the least amount of swing weight while still packing a mean punch in the lively department with more contact and feel specific for boat riding 

Fuse Stringers: Running vertically through the length of the wakeboard these stringers produce the most explosive take-offs Ronix have ever developed

I-Beam: A second piece of glass wrapped through the core, resulting in the snappiest construction Ronix has ever made, but with softer landings.

Magic Carpet:  A unique laminate that manages the right quantity of resin to stick in order to receive the desired qualities

Speedwalls: Vertical urethane creates a durable barrier that also provides a faster top water speed

Low Friction Base: Creates the most glide, ideal for high-end boat boards

Fibreglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & 0.8" Free Agent Fins

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