2020 Bataleon Boss Snowboard

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Take a look at the new 2020 Bataleon Boss Snowboard at S2AS!

The Bataleon Boss is an incredibly good true twin snowboard, designed for progressive riders looking to enhance their snowboarding both on the mountain and in the snow park!

The more evolved upgraded version of the iconic Evil Twin that is loaded with crossed carbon stringers under the bindings to both increase pop, aid torsional stability and strengthen under the bindings for heavier landings. All this extra carbon reinforcement makes the Bataleon Boss more responsive all-round higher performance snowboard than the Evil Twin, so if you're looking to upgrade your 360's to 540's or even 720's this is definitely the place to look!

The Boss has Bataleon’s hard & fast Ultra Glide S sintered base and a full wood core created from the perfect blend of Swiss Paulownia, Polar and Bamboo which keeps the overall weight of the board down and gives the Boss a great flex pattern, stiff enough to be responsive on the turn but soft enough to allow to jib and press on rails!

As with all Bataleon snowboards at its heart 3BT is what makes this snowboard so much more than just a park-orientated beast, the Triple Base Tech absolutely makes landing spins easier, hitting rails less catchy but it also allows the Boss to carve on edge so much smoother and float through powder so much higher!

This board is perfect if you're looking to take your riding to the next level, the combination of technologies that make this board an absolute weapon in any snowboarders quiver.  


Twin 3BT - Mellow uplift that becomes more dramatic at the board's widest points combined with a wide centre base, creates a loose jib feeling whilst remaining super stable on takeoffs, landings, presses and also at speed. Perfectly suited for freestyle orientated riding.

SideKick - Increased sidebase lift after the contact points for smoother turn initiation, more float in powder and greater stability in all terrains, further enhancing the advantages of 3BT

Carbon Stringers  - Placed in X's under the feet to allow immediate torsional responsiveness when moving between features, whilst retaining superb flex capacity and added dampening underfoot to absorb those huge landings

Light Core  - A 50/50 split of traditional poplar wood and Swiss paulownia for a fantastic strength to weight ratio 

C.S.T - Central Super Tube mills one hollow carbon rod into the core of the board to allow greatly reduced weight, add additional pop all without increasing torsional stiffness

TRI AX Laminate - A three-way weave with fibres running every 45 degrees for unbeatable strength and responsiveness whilst remaining beautifully lightweight

Ultra Glide S - Higher molecular content means a harder sintered base that runs seriously fast

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