Core Fusion 4 Kitesurfing Board

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Take a look at the new Core Fusion 4 Kitesurfing Board at S2AS!

A do-everything kiteboard that takes the difficulty out of deciding which board would be best for the conditions! Fancy riding strapped in freestyle? The Fusion 4's Multi-channels ensure incredible grip! Or maybe you want to do some wave riding? No problem thanks to the deep Vee Rockerline!

Core have developed a real cross-ride board that covers all aspects of kitesurfing without compromising on any of them. The Fusion 4 (IV) is ideal for all-levels of riders and will develop your riding as you continue to improve.

New riders will kite longer than ever with the board’s session-extending deep V hull. Lucky freestylers will find even more pop with the improved hull channels and will be able to harness the Fusion’s Cartan carbon fibre construction to challenge another WOO record. Regardless of your skill or adventure, the new Fusion delivers next-level awesomeness.

The Fusion inherits its predecessor's hard-charging multi-channel hull, chop busting V-shaped keel, and powerful Paulownia wood core. Reducing board thickness while adding more carbon fibre between the pads allows us to liven up the tips, add more pop, and most importantly, improve cruising comfort. The Fusion board also sports a shiny new topcoat with UV blocking additives.

The Fusion 4 (IV) was constructed in the most elaborate way for a series construction board - by using only the finest materials. The board is made of 100% CARTAN® high-performance carbon; each layer is made of pure carbon fibre. This guarantees minimum weight and optimum flex properties.

The complex bottom with double concave and ‘V’ provides more drive and direction, when needed, and is responsible for the unique riding experience.

It goes through choppy water as if there was a cushion of air under the board. Core call this a Hydrodynamic Bottom Contour. The core wood was milled in a special Diamond 3D Shape CNC. This ensures the harmonious development of flex together with torsional rigidity. The new high-performance fins, provide the Fusion with the maximum amount of directional stability whilst maintaining high levels of agility.


Cartan Carbon ­– Core's Exclusive Hi-Performance Carbon Fibre: Each layer of the laminate structure is made of carbon fibre. CARTAN® high-performance carbon was specifically and exclusively designed for CORE and CARVED. In contrast to conventional carbon fibres the CARTAN® carbon fibre weave holds the fibres in a performance maximizing 30 degree angle. The result is huge flex properties making take offs both simple and effective.

The exclusive use of CARTAN® high-performance carbon allows Core to significantly reduce the thickness of all Fusions, resulting in thin, slightly burred edge allows for precise jumps and relaxed carving.

Complex Diamond 3D Shape: Complex diamond-shaped cut-outs have been milled into the underlying wood core. This extra CORE effort is not without reason; on the one hand the complex surface structure reduces the weight, on the other hand, the resultant and intelligently arranged crosses increase the torsional rigidity of all Fusion boards. Together with the ultra-thin outside edges, the ‘Diamond 3D Shape’ provides the perfect combination of flex and stiffness - two technically disparate elements that only the world's best shapers can combine successfully.

Hydrodynamic Bottom Contour: Fusion Core boards have a hydro-dynamically shaped bottom contour. The most distinguishing feature is the central full length ‘V’ double concave that creates lift with laminar flow; the Fusion goes through choppy water as if there was a cushion of air under the board. The interaction of the concave and the ‘V’ allow greater board width, and thus early planning, without compromising on control.

The entire board can be edged at a steeper angle, which enables effective upwind ability and provides the best edging for jumps. In addition it enables increased smoothness and agility, for example, whilst switching from heel to toe side edge.

Vario Rails – Precise Flex and Unreal Energy: A new variable rail thickness. 9mm thick rails around the middle of the board reduce to 3mm on the tips, this allows the rider to precisely control the flex through the whole length of the board

3D Paulownia Wood Core: The laminated, long-grained wood core gives Core's boards dimensional stability, decay resistance, and a lightweight yet distinctively powerful character. They extended the Paulownia further towards the board edges and now CNC mill both top and bottom. The larger wood core reduces board weight and improves flex memory. 

Vee Rocker - more rocker underfoot and less rocker towards tips:  More pronounced under your feet and progressively reduces towards the tips. This knowhow borrows from the Imperator 6 - Carved Custom’s latest masterpiece.

Varial Bottom Curve with Channels: Channels are again used on the edge ends. These partial indents allow the realisation of two different rocker lines. If the rider edges hard the steeper inside curve is engaged and control and grip are increased. If the board is planning the flatter bottom curve is engaged which enhances the ability to glide through wind lulls.

Core have consciously not included any full length channels on the Fusion as the drift of the kite means that we never travel in an absolute line and the channels would simply cause unnecessary resistance.

Progressive 2-Channel Tips: The new tip profile produces super clean carving characteristics and powerfully controlled take-offs. The outside edge runs longer and straighter to a bevelled corner. The channels engage during power edging effectively increasing lateral resistance for more control. And when not engaged, the board glides effortlessly through the lulls.

Core G-10 Cutback Fins: A perfect balance between tracking and freestyling magic. The impact-resistant, 48mm G10 fibreglass fins have a new trailing edge design for even more control and tracking stability.

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