2020 North Carve Kitesurfing Kite (Green)

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Take a look at the new 2020 North Carve Kitesurfing Kite available at S2AS!

"Instant drift with a flick of the wrist"

Jalou Langeree's kite of choice the new Carve kite for 2020 is North Kiteboarding's incredible entry into the world of wave kitesurfing!

Utilising a specifically larger leading edge diameter this wave kite has a rigid and stable frame requiring less inflation which allows the kitesurfer to ride a size smaller. A reactive and controllable kite the Carve is designed to deliver instant drift thanks to its ability to provide instant power/depower allowing it to stay in the pocket for much longer and out of the critical impact zone!

Constructed differently from the rest of the North range the Carve is intended to sit further back in the wind window in order to enhance its already stable line drift and balanced in such a way that makes it almost incapable of nosediving; this kite is perfect for carving and tucking into that barrel. 

Thanks to its responsive two-stage arc design the Carve can pivot on a dime without producing excessive power delivering a steady and consistent pull for a super smooth drift! Lastly, North have completed this kite with an intensified surf construction; a dacron reinforcement on the canopy down the full length of the struts for improved durability.

Designed to give everyone confidence out on the water, so that kiters can focus less of their attention on the kite and more on the surf, while strong freestyle characteristics makes it easy to throw lofty jumps with ease with plenty of hangtime to get those strapless freestyle tricks down!


Medium Aspect Swept Design: Allows more area in the centre of the kite for greater efficiency and easy roll to relaunch 

Profile Transition Panels: North have added an extra panel connecting from the leading edge seam to maintain their precise lateral profile shape, this creates a smooth transition from the segmented leading edge to the curved canopy. All the equates to a more aerodynamic shape with more efficient airflow and significantly less turbulence.

Kevlar Reinforced Strut System: By using this incredibly robust material means North can provide an accurate and durable connection between the struts to the leading edge

Exo-Skeleton Structure: A reinforced frame around the perimeter of the kite built from Techno Force 160gsm Dacron, placed to help ease the transition from the Kevlar strut system to the lighter canopy material. The use of this stretch-resistant material adds durability and strength while protecting the canopy and providing elongation control. Ultimately making the North kite more responsive with increased performance and lift yet still very flexible and dynamic.

Duralite Seam Protection: Foam padding is inserted along the leading edge to slightly lift the struts off the ground creating an lightweight protective barrier thats ensures the lifespan of the stitching and leading-edge by keeping them out of contact with abrasive beaches

Steering Impulse Option: The bar pressure/steering impulse wing tuning options allow the rider to finetune the kites performance to their own personal preference

Low Drag Pre-stretched Bridle Lines: A completely new manufacturing technique that allows the factory to pre-load the lines before cutting them, that means, first of all, they are much more consistent between kite to kite with a much-improved longevity thanks to a very low change in shrinkage or elongation.

No Pulley Bridles: A simplified system that ensures there are fewer potentials for breakages by removing the plastic pulleys for the load-bearing part of the bridle this not only improves the safety of the kite but results in lower drag, greater accuracy through the turns and a direct feeling from the kite itself

Teijin Techno Force: High density D2 Ripstop material made in japan using a high tenacity yarn for its lightness, high tearing strength and lasting endurance. Teijin is renowned for having the highest strength to weight ratio in the industry

Hyperflow Inflation System: This bayonet style main valve is compatible with most pumps, and thanks to its high volume inflation system means rapid inflation and deflation 

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