2021 Airush Union V6 Kitesurfing Kite (Red and Teal)
2021 Airush Union V6 Kitesurfing Kite (Red and Teal)
2021 Airush Union V6 Kitesurfing Kite (Red and Teal)
2021 Airush Union V6 Kitesurfing Kite (Red and Teal)
2021 Airush Union V6 Kitesurfing Kite (Red and Teal)

2021 Airush Union V6 Kitesurfing Kite (Red and Teal)

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Take a look at the Airush Union V6 Kitesurfing Kite with S2AS!

The Union V6 is the ideal kite for the rider looking for a ride that perfectly balances big air, kiteloops and freestyle!

Benefiting from the new v3.2 bridle system, the Union maintains steering even when completely depowered which increases it's overall usable wind range and overall performance. The Unitity Strut Connection offers a solid point where the strut connects to the leading edge which creates a stiff structure which helps the efficiency of the kite and also aids it's relaunch capabilities. This open-C kite offers great all round riding and will give you back as much as you put in!

The Union Kitesurfing Kite from Airush delivers incredible lift and hang time when going for big air, along with quicker, lighter and ultra-responsive steering. Ideal for the user looking for increased jumping performance and quicker depower response, and for the freestyle rider wanting unhooked performance with the usability of increased depower and a more forgiving feel. The wingtip design prevents back stalling, while the increased linear power delivery has made it even more suitable for freeriding, freestyle, and wave riders alike.


- Airush Load Frame V4 Featuring Webtech: The Airush Load Frame, featuring WebTech, has been the key to setting the ultimate benchmark in durability without compromising on weight. By expanding our exclusive Load Frame with WebTech throughout the areas normally occupied by Dacron, we are able to minimize or completely remove the heavier fabric, and utilize the ballistic high-modulus polyethylene web fibers instead – increasing strength and minimizing weight.
- Intergrated High Modulus Polyethylene Yarns: Central to the concept of the Load Frame are the lightweight Ultra High Modulus yarns, of which every single yarn can carry 40kg. Think of them as a lightweight web with engineered energy absorption under load, similar to a spider’s web. These yarns are integrated into the canopy through reinforced taping that allows them to elongate under extreme load, absorbing most of the shock that would have typically run through the canopy. At the same time, they carry the primary load of the canopy, preventing stretch, and increasing long-term performance.
- Webtech: WebTech minimizes or replaces the traditional Dacron reinforcement by channeling the broader loads into the Load Frame through a web ‘subframe’ of Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene (Ultra High Modulus). This is featured in key areas such as the primary attachment points on the leading edge or the rear attachment points, while also being used to support structural components such as the center strut.
- Technoforce D2: This premium fabric is designed with a high-density structure that uses high tenacity double-coated polyester yarn in a double ripstop configuration. The double coating protects the yarn as much as possible from UV and abrasion damage, ensuring that the canopy remains crisp and responsive for as long as possible. This exceptional material is used in conjunction with the Airush Load Frame, resulting in the ultimate combination of durability and performance.


- SPS & FBI: The oversized SPS valve (Single Point Inflation System) optimizes inflation and deflation. The Fast Bladder Inflation (FBI) features increased wall thickness and oversized diameter tubing, thus eliminating tube kink, reducing stress on your pump, and enabling quick and easy inflation.
- Four Piece Strut: The four-piece strut has an added double folded triple stitched seam aligned with a 20mm wide webbing strip to reduce points of wear. This increases the durability and rigidity of the struts.
- Heavy Duty LE: By using our Gradient Load Technology on the bridle insert points and leading-edge closure (along with double stitching), as well as Dimension Polyant Dacron, we have created a heavy-duty leading edge that supports the increased performance demands.
- V3.2 Bridle System: The key benefit of the V3.2 bridle is that the kite maintains steering even when completely de-powered, increasing the usable wind range and overall performance significantly while adding immense safety benefits. The positioning of the bridle attachment points on the LE of the kite, combined with the V pulleys result in lighter steering, but direct enough to feel where your kite is while riding.
- Unity Strut Connection: The Unity Strut Connection provides a solid point from strut to leading edge, to create a stiff structure that helps in performance and relaunching.

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