5 Things You Need To Know About Learning To Kitesurf


Learning a new sport requires time and patience which leads to customers often asking us “How hard is it to learn to kitesurf?” and the answer is simple. If you’re eager to get out on the water you will be glad to hear that kitesurfing is the easiest watersport in the world to learn! We have broken down the process into some useful pointers that will help you find the right equipment


The learning curve is very fast


With the right trainer and equipment, students can pick up key stages of kitesurfing within hours. The excitement and success in the early stages will soon have you hooked and wanting to learn more. We recommend starting off with a trainer kite to speed up and improve your skills along with a few extra supervised lessons before you head out on your own.


Anyone can do it


You don’t have to have been in every sports team at school to learn to kitesurf, the ease of the process makes it suitable for students with any or no experience. Strength isn’t key either as the kite’s components will assist with power and load, however the sport is great for improving physical fitness!


Learning to kitesurf 2

The equipment


Like all sports, getting equipment together is the first step so you will be wanting great quality products that deliver even better performance. So what will you need to start learning to kitesurf?


  • A Kite which uses the power of the wind and pulls you across the water.
  • A Harness which will keep you safe on the water and attach you to the kite
  • A Power Bar gives you all the control while kitesurfing, allowing you to steer and “pull” of the kite.
  • Getting a good quality board that will last is crucial as this is the component you will stand on as you move across and land on the water
  • Bindings which will attach you to the board and make positions a lot easier to achieve


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Learning to kitesurf 3

Control is key


The key to Kitesurfing is kite control; 90% kite skills and 10% board skills. Learning this part is a lot easier with a trainer kite as it isn’t large enough to pull you anywhere, meaning you can concentrate on control and position fully. This is where the power bar comes in. You will learn all the skills needed to fly the kite with both and one hand, starting out in shallow water to help build your confidence first.


Lesson options available


At S2AS we offer a range of lessons for all abilities in one of the best spots in the UK, Poole Harbour. The flat, no-surf lagoon has waist deep water which gives students the chance to progress rapidly. Get started with 121 lessons or have a full 2-Day Course that will have you kitesurfing confidently by the end.


If you still want to know more about kitesurfing give us a call on 01202 738448 or visit us in store.


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