9 of the Most INSANE Wingsuit Flying Video’s Ever!

One of the most dangerous sport in the world is ‘Wingsuit Flying’. This sport involves flying through the air in a special jumpsuit, called a wingsuit – material between the legs and under the arms creates surface area to the body and gives an increase in lift.

Now, it does seem crazy that someone would want to do this, but there are many who do! All wingsuit flyers know the risks and understand that theres a strong chance that they will die doing it.

Here are the top 9 most insane videos ever…

9. Scotty Bob

8. Jeb Corliss – Tianman Cave

Flies through a massive hole in a mountain

7. Jeb Corliss – Waterfall

Flies through a waterfall – extremely dangerous!

6. Jeb Corliss – Chinese Dagger

5. Dream Lines 4

4. Jeb Corliss – Balloons

Flies through some balloons

3. Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer – Urban Wingsuit in Rio de Janeiro

One of the most dangerous wingsuit flights

2. Alexander Pollo

This is impressive but insane!

1. Crazy Close in Norway


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