Capita Horrorscope FK 2013 Snowboard Review

The Capita Horrorscope FK is and all round awesome freestyle jib and urban snowboard. People come back to this board year after year not just because of the awards it has won ( 2010 good wood award) and its extremely good price but due to its feeling on the slopes.

The board soft flex (4/10 in a scale of 1-soft 10-hard) makes this board an absolute pleasure to ride no matter the condition and what you where up to the night before. Due to these reasons the Capita Horrorscope FK has gone from a last minute limited edition release to Capita’s best selling board and its easy too see why people love it soo much.

The ‘Flat Kick’ reverse camber helps make it playful and the flexibility makes this board very poppy meaning its a joy to ride and jib around with. All this coupled with some sweet graphics for 2013 makes this the most wanted board of 2013.

This Board has Become an instant favorite with S2AS staff and Team Riders a will be highly recommended within the S2AS Poole store.

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