15 years of Capita Snowboards in 14 minutes

The CAPiTA story is a bad ass one. We hope you have all been associated with it at one point in its history, Riding it or watching the video parts. Please take a step back in time with us to when snowboarding wasn’t at the forefront of people's minds and CAPiTA Snowboards was an underground struggling company. Its great to look back at the video and remember the graphics or riders from years gone by.

See how Capita went from a struggling upstart Snowboard brand 15 years ago, to now having one of the most state of the art snowboard manufacturing facilities in the world, named “The Mothership”.

Join Blue Montgomery, Tyler Lepore, Seth Huot, Corey Smith, TJ Schneider, Brandon Cocard, Jess Kimura, Scott Stevens,  and more as they share the CAPiTA story, 15 years in 14 minutes, and Stay BADASS.

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 Thank you & Stay Bad Ass.

Enjoy the short film:

S2AS Team

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