Flexifoil Force 2013 Kitesurfing Kite Review

2013 Flexifoil Force Kite Review (11/9m)

Three Word Summary
Versatile High Performance

Test Conditions
10-28mph over several days

Out of the Bag
The Flexifoil Force is a Medium-High aspect ratio kite with a pretty thin leading edge and four struts. It comes with the tried-and-tested Flexifoil one pump system, and is inflated and ready to fly in no time.

The construction is up to Flexi’s usual high standards, with lap seams and reinforcements in all critical sections, and should surely stand the test of time. Flexi are so confident of their construction methods, that should you break your kite in its first month, they’ll repair it for free!

Rumour has it that Flexifoil are releasing a brand new bar this year, which I’ll review at a later date. For details of the current Bar, check out the review of the Flexifoil Hadlow Id

In The Air

Flexifoil Force Kitesurf Kite 2013

The Force launches really easily off the beach, it pivots with ease and is up in the air in no time. Once in the air it’s stable in flight and you immediately notice the medium bar pressure great direct feel.

It generates a decent amount of static pull, and there’s plenty of extra power on tap when worked through the window or looped.

On The water
The Force is a great all-round kite for any level of ability with its direct feel and stable flight. Relaunch is also a piece of cake – often when it goes down it rolls onto its side and is ready to fly again immediately.

It’s bottom end is really good, and its surprising how powered you can be in light winds when you get the board moving.

The medium high aspect allows it to fly quite far forward allowing easy upwind progress. This also gives it good forward speed, and its top end speed is exhilarating.
When you send the Force it really comes to life, providing lots of oomph for high floaty jumps and a timely redirection leads to nice cushioned landings. Its also a nice to pop some floaty transitions by the beach with too.
When trimmed the kite unhooks very nicely, and parks in the sky well. It’s perhaps not the best choice for progressive handle-passes as it offers little slack, but basic unhooked tricks are certainly not out of the question.

A great all-rounder for any intermediate rider for freeriding, boosting, freestyle and first steps into wakestyle. Its direct feel is about as good as i’ve experienced on an SLE and is an outstanding performer to get some serious airtime on.

For more info, check it out on S2AS

Kite StyleStruts
Front connection
Rear connection
Tuning options

Low End
High End
Bar Pressure
Hang time

One Pump
SLE Bridle
(New bar to be released)
(New bar to be released)

Very Good
Very-Good, but little slack for handle passes
Very Good

For more information on the Flexifoil Force Kite or to purchase:
Call: 01202 738 448
Or visit the shop in Poole:
Surface2Air Sports Poole,
14-16 Station Road,
Ashley cross,
Lower Parkstone,
Poole, Dorset, BH14 8UB

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