GoPro Launches ProTune Software Update

We like to be helpful here at S2AS so to all our customers and those out there with a Go-Pro we thought we’d share the news of their recent ProTune update which will greatly help improve the videos of any serious film-makers

Protune™ is a new HD HERO2 video mode that unlocks the camera’s full potential, yielding stunning image quality and cinema-caliber video for professional productions. Content creators now have far more flexibility and workflow efficiency than ever before.

High Quality Image Capture
Protunes’s 35Mbps data rate provides less compressed cinema quality image giving content creators more flexibility in post production.
Neutral Color
Protunes neutral color profile offers more flexibility during post production color correction. Protunes log curve captures more detail in shadows and highlight.
Film/TV Frame Rate Standard
Now record video in 24FPS and easily intercut GoPro content with other source media without needing to perform FPS conversion.

Protune is available in the following HD HERO2 resolutions:
1080p 30, 25, 24
960p 48
720p 60, 50
Compatible with professional color correction tools, editing programs, and GoPro CineForm Studio.

To upgrade, which is free to existing customers, is available today via download as part of the latest version of CineForm Studio, the free version of the edit-prepping software. In addition to adding support for 24fps frame rates and virtually artifact-free 35 Mbps data rates, the Protune upgrade should also expand options for colorists during preliminary grading sessions. The software now includes a neutral color profile, log curve encoding, for better control off your shadows and highlights, and reduced sharpening and noise reduction. A number of looks presets are also included in CineForm Studio as part of the upgrade.

Yet another reason to grab one of these fantastic little camera. To view the GoPro range click here:

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