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Liquid Force is a manufacturer based in the USA, focusing on wakeboard related products and clothing. The company also has a wakeskating, wakesurfing and kiteboarding division besides the wakeboard and clothing programme. Besides manufacturing wakeboard related products and clothing, the company sponsors numerous events and athletes to promote the sport. Liquid Force now counts as one of the leading manufacturers in the wakeboard related products and clothing market. Liquid Force was founded in 1995 by Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon, both pioneers in the sport of wakeboarding. In California is the headquarter located.

How it all started:

Looking for alternatives to waterskiing and surfing, Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon created waterboards that could essentially “surf” the wake behind a boat. Finn’s model, the “Skurfer,” was shaped very similar to a surfboard; Redmon’s water ski board produced by his Redline Designs was a bit lighter and the first to have foot straps.


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The two met by chance when they were placed in adjacent booths at a trade show—the first time they would see their personalities complement one another. Finn’s energetic personality as a natural salesman attracted much interest to his product. Redmon, a more soft-spoken designer, had a better product, but a less aggressive sales approach.

Tony observed Jimmy talking to a buyer for several minutes—making no progress in a sale. He strolled over to the booth and whispered to Jimmy “Are you gonna close this guy or what?” “What’s close?” Jimmy asked. Finn looked at him and said, “Ask the guy for his money.” Jimmy did, a sale was made, and a competitive friendship was born. The two acknowledge that in the beginning, they were competitors, but it was a friendly competition and to this day they are aware and complimentary of each other’s strengths. As they sit recounting the history of how they came to be business partners it is almost as if each is as much an advocate for the other’s skills as they are for themselves, if not more.

Tony and Jimmy are genuinely passionate about what they do, it is evident in their excitement and expression when they tell their story. From competitors to collaborators, they have watched their ideas foster a successful brand and a successful sport.


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Shawn Watson and Nico Lerchenfeld are the US and Int’l team managers. They are helping mentor their amazing team of athletes and are working to find the future legends of this sport.

Co-Founder, Tony Finn, has stepped aside from his day to day activities of running the show, he was the heart and soul of this sport. The Liquid Force team are thankful that he will continue to remain a member of their Liquid Force family.

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