Patrick Rebstock Talks about the new Slingshot Rally 2013

Patrick Rebstock in Portugal Talks About the New Slingshot Rally 2013‘s:

With the New 2013 Rally kite in hand Slingshot freesurfer Patrick Rebstock sets sail for Portugal to show off the excellent handling and simple user experience of his Favorite Kite.

“I am so exited about the 2013 Rally Kite, it just feels so good to ride in the waves. The smooth predictable handling and incredible stability makes the 2013 Rally Kite my weapon of choice.” -Patrick Rebstock

The new Reflex Wingtip, Connect Forward attachment points, Splitstrut, and Pulleyless Bridle all work together to create the solid frame of the 2013 Rally Kite which gives the rider direct control and unrivaled range in any wind condition.

“I rely on the Legendary Slingshot Construction and Surf Tough Reinforcements which give me the toughest and most durable kite that i can depend on day after day” -Patrick Rebstock

Slingshot Rally Kitesurfing Kite Complete 2013
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