Surf Expo 2013 - New Kites from Slingshot 2014

Slingshot are releasing 3 different types of kites including 2014 Rally (pictured in peach), 2014 RPM (pictured in black and purple) and 2014 Turbine (pictured in white and black) below.

2014 Rally, RPM & Turbine

Slingshot Rally 2014

The Rally has been redesigned for the 2014 collection. New features include an innovative open C-shape and a modified tip geometry. It is still stable, high-revving and direct.

2014 Rally Kite
The Rally shoots you to incredible heights, but you still can land softly!

The 2014 RPM and 2014 Turbine kites are to be written up as they become available, but the 2013 Kites can be bought here.


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