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Aqua Glide make high-quality Paddle Boards and Kayaks designed to get you into the sport. Looking for your first SUP? Aqua Glide will get you on the water at a fraction of the cost.
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For over 30 years, Aquaglide has been developing products and sharing their passion for having fun on the water!

What began as the answer to a common need has evolved into a global brand with loyal customer base in over 70 countries with more than 120 innovative products. Aqua Glide are part of an impressive portfolio of brands focused on the outdoor and watersports categories. Successfully operating on six continents, their designs are carefully vetted and constantly refined based on years of feedback from a global network as well as being engineered to meet the highest standards in quality and product safety.  

Producing some of the world's best custom Aquaparks, inflatable kayaks, towables, and standup paddleboards. Designed in the Pacific Northwest with surging whitewater, placid coves, and seemingly endless waterways within close reach, all of their products are designed to do amazing things. But above all, they are designed to be fun in and on the water.