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Butta have definitely changed the Snowboard wax game, while keeping it environmentally friendly, and having fun at the same time. Reducing the carbon footprint and supporting the UK economy is Butta’s motto, and they stick to it like glue. All of their products are ethical-locally sourced, and their waxes are hand packed and hand molded. Their mission is to produce eco-friendly waxes that help to save the spots we shred. With the help of their Pro Team riders, they are constantly trying to improve their products and developing their range, so you can be confident in your Snowboard equipment no matter what!
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We are Butta, and we're changing the wax game! We're all about saving the planet and having some fun while we're at it. Greener waxes are our thing and slashing carbon footprints, supporting our UK economy and preserving the mountains and oceans we all love and ride worldwide.

The story began way back when life was just shredding the gnar all damn day, pillow lines and chair lifts; Butta dreamt about supporting the industry we love with an ethical, locally-sourced product.

From the humble beginnings in Dad's garage way back in 2011, breaking bad style mixing and developing the best, cleanest, low-fluro carbon snow wax out there, Butta are now even developing our range of surf and skate waxes. Every block of wax is handmade and packaged by ourselves from our 90% solar-powered office on a peacock farm in Surrey.

Continuing our range into some fine threads, our range of apparel and accessories lets you take Butta on the road. Any road.

We're on a crusade - come join us!