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Byerly Wakeboarding was founded in 2006 by Scott Byerly, one if the pioneers of Wakeboarding. Since then, only the best riders have ridden and stomped their USA designed boards, Cody Hesse managing to stomp a Triple Tantrum on his Byerly Felix. If you’re into cable, check out the Felix. Cable specific board designed to push your limits to the next level. If you’re a boat rider, the Buck is the one for you. Either way, come in store and check them out at S2AS.
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Recipes and ingredients are what separate Byerly Boards from the rest of the pack, head shaper or mad scientist if you will, Scott “Butch” Bouchard, has spent countless hours developing construction methods that make Byerly Boards more durable and responsive than other brands. 

Byerly Boards is led by the industry’s most influential rider, as named by Wakeboarding Magazine, Scott Byerly

Regardless of what deck you like, Scott and the Byerly family truly appreciate all the support over the past 15 seasons and hope you have as much fun riding Byerly decks as they do.