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Capita are the hardcore Snowboard brand that always sell out, every season. Built in their own factory the 'Mothership', Capita are one of the industry leaders in snowboard technologies and here at S2AS we can't get enough
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Founders Jason Brown and Blue Montgomery had a simple idea “It’s ours.” a desire for a snowboarding company ran by riders for riders, seeing a lack of creativity and innovation from the major companies at the time they decided to take up that mission themselves and in 2000 Capita was born. just a group of riders who desired a brand that reflected their own unique style, a style continues to propel the brand forward today.

Starting out small with minimum resources didn’t slow Capita Snowboards lofty dreams by collaborating with industry famous artists and designing wild-looking Snowboards each with individual styles, the business quickly grew out of its native Seattle and into the world-famous Elan Factory in Austria. Eventually buying the Elan Factory in 2012 when it fell into bankruptcy, retaining its machines and employees and working with them to create The Mothership, a leading snowboard manufacturing facility dedicated sustainability and maximizing shredding potential.

Having built a team known only as the ‘Defenders of Awesome’ a group each with their own signature styles allows Capita the freedom to build, tweak and redesign boards for every type of rider out there. Potentially one of their most well-known riders and an S2AS favourite is the one-foot king himself Scott Stevens, a man with a skate-inspired style so unique it continues to blow minds every year.