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Circle One was founded in 1969 in Devon, and are devoted to supplying top quality goods for the water. We stock the whole range of Surfboards, SUP Boards, and also Skimboards to get you out on the water as soon as possible, which is out goal at S2AS. Circle One use the best materials in the industry, which is sure to last you for years to come.
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One of the first few original British surfing companies with a rich heritage, Circle One story began with founder Jeff Townsley's love of surfing. After spending the late 1960's living the surfing dream touring around in his VW Split Screen Campervan, chasing waves in France, Portugal, Spain, Canaries, Morocco and soaking up local culture wherever he went.

Jeff found himself back in the UK figuring out how to make a living from surfing? He started out working in Exeter’s first Circle One Surf Shop which he soon found himself running when the previous owner (local surf enthusiast, Don Wride) decided to move on. The branding and name came about because the logo looked just like a wave (represented by the ‘C’) and the ‘1’ looked just like a surfer inside the wave. 

Originally selling other surfing brands it became clear there was a gap in the UK market for quality hand-shaped surfboards and so Jeff thought why not have a go at making boards himself to sell in the shop?  And so became Circle One’s first shaping house via a process of trial, error and experimentation until finally, he started producing the classic shapes for which Circle One became renowned. Jeff was best known for really pushing the boundaries in surfboard shaping and produced signature shapes.

Shapers from across the globe started to make contact with Jeff to share ideas and they often travelled to the UK to spend time collaborating with him at the Devon shaping house. As Circle One’s reputation grew, Jeff started employing a team to help meet production demands  and soon the Circle One brand was synonymous with both quality surfboards and wetsuits