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Dragon are one of coolest goggle brands on the mountain. With riders such as Jamie Lynn, Chris Roach, and a few others, Dragon quickly became one of the most well known brands in the industry. The first ever frameless goggle developed by Dragon blew up back in 2011, and is still worn by riders today. Why? It's simple; the style is second to none. Take a look at the range, or pop in store and we’ll run you through some of the different lenses.
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Since the beginning, Dragon have set out to be the leading eyewear and accessories brand by supporting the best athletes with the best product, while remaining connected the customers on the mountain. That mission still holds true today and is the driving force behind the company’s success and heritage.

In 1993 founder Will Howard aimed to build a company that encompassed his passions for surfing, snowboarding and riding dirt bikes. 

Dragon gradually extended its reach developing innovative. With an emphasis on creating functional, high-quality merchandise thatpushed the status quo. Dragon introdued a number of innovative products early on. Seizing an opportunity to add snow goggles to the lineup for the emerging snowboard market, Will Howard says “We loved riding and realized snowboarders were treated as second-class citizens just like we were as a start-up, so we thought that would be a good match.” Many years and many ride days later, Dragon has established itself as a leader in the snow goggle business. 

More recently, Dragon’s innovative approach has lead to further market-leading developments, including the first-ever frameless snow goggle which launched in the winter of 2011. This goggle has revolutionized the snow market and is one of the most sought after styles at retail. 

With top-tier product and athletes in mind, Dragon’s roster has grown to include some of the best surfers, snowboarders, moto riders, and wakeboarders in the world.