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Flow snowboard bindings are the original and still the best step-in binding system in snowboarding. With over two decades of research and development, Flow bindings only continue to get better with new technologies such as there Active Strap Technology and incorporation of N-Gels, that continue to improve the comfort, fit and performance of the bindings!
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Whether you ride backcountry, side country, or park, whether you hunger for big drops or silky smooth groomers, Flow bindings let you get out in the snow and into the zone.

Flow broke onto the scene back in 1996, with a binding revelation; a one-piece strap and a collapsable highback that revolutionised that way riders strap on to the board! Since the start Flow's innovative, high-performance snowboard program, This allowed them to carve their our own path and offered snowboarders the chance to find their own line. Today, Flow is still the undisputed leader in the speed-entry binding category and has been now for over a decade.

With a design studio is based in San Clemente, California in close proximity to the snowboarding epicentre of Big Bear, Snow Summit, Mountain High and Mammoth, allows them to constantly refine and develop their products to meet the demands of the riders. From the traditions of the Alps to the innovative jib spirit of Southern California, from freeride to freestyle, Flow realises that every snowboarder is an individual with specific needs in regards to snowboard product.

In 2018, as part of the group strategy, the Flow boot and snowboard programs were integrated into the larger Nidecker brand. This product merger allowed  Flow to focus exclusively on its core products with greater financial backing and support. As a company Flow are constantly striving to increase the technological gap between Flow bindings and the competitions, and now their commitment to producing the world’s best snowboard bindings is stronger than ever.

The future is snowboarding!