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Flysurfer is a Germany brand that makes some amazing kitesurf kites that can be used for both kitesurfing on the water, land and even snow. One kite does it all. if your looking for a powerful kite that covers a huge wind range Flysurfer is the kitesurf brand for you they also make some awesome kiteboards check them out below.
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In 2001, four friends set off on a journey, based on their passion for paragliding and kiting. Founded the beginning it is understood that one of the pillars that Flysurfer would be built upon is the promise of quality!

Entering the market in 2001 their initial kite lines were defined by revolutionary, patented innovations including a self-filling system with effective air intake valves, a depower system through profile adjustment, as well as an automatic relaunch. The Flysurfer team was fascinated by the versatility offered by kite sport, which is why an all-terrain orientation quickly became a main component of the brand strategy.

In 2007, using the experience gained from years of studying and applying the properties of aerodynamics, and with the development of new lightweight, robust materials, the internationalization of the brand grows now supplying its products to more than 30 countries worldwide! The development work being done on the kites is revolutionary. The kites released in 2007 – the SPEED2, PULSE2 and the COOL2 – left their predecessors in the dust. These new kites featured more flight stability, significantly faster turning capabilities, better relaunch, an optimized safety system, and greatly-improved jump characteristics. 

With snowkiting becoming a rapidly-growing trend in winter sports. Flysurfer shook up the kite market with an open-cell soft kite dubbed the Outlaw. The Board division also continues to be embraced by the market, taking the development into their own hands; the label “Flyboards by Flysurfer” is launched. With the introduction of the first automatically-untwisting Infinity Bar, Flysurfer once again proves its ability to innovate.

It is clear to ourselves at S2AS that Flysurfer is a brand that continues to innovate and improve the kite industry always with an eye towards quality customer service, and these values are something that we can embrace and look forward to seeing what they will bring in the future!