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GoPro is the biggest name in action sports cameras. The quality of the best selling GoPro now with 4K video (4x the resolution of 1080p), 30fps, wifi and professional audio performance GoPro have made a professional quality camera that everyone can use. No matter what sport you are into snowboarding, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, surfing, or longboarding you are bound to have seen a video filmed on a GoPro. GoPro are the most versatile camera on the market they have so many different mounts and accessories that are available such as helmet mounts, pov poles, floaty backdoor, handlebar mount, chest harness and smart remotes the list is endless so there is no limit to what and where you can film.
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The company was founded by Nick Woodman in 2002, motivated by a surfing trip to Australia in which he was hoping to capture quality action photos, but could not because amateur photographers could not get close enough. The 'GoPro' name came about as Woodman and his surfing friends all aspired to become professional surfers as 'going pro' was the ultimate goal and the only way to be filmed on the water at that time. The camera range was branded 'Hero' as their aim was to capture close-up action shots that made the subject look and feel like a hero!