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Hyperlite is a wakeboard brand form the very start of wakeboarding and 15 years on Hyperlite is one of the best wakeboarding brands in the world still. In the early days it was all about Boat riding and Hyperlite wakeboards were the best in the world no one could compete with Hyperlite, As time has gone on we have seen Cable wakeboarding make a huge differance to the way Wakeboards are now made and to be fair to Hyperlite they were late to the party with other brands taking there top spot. But after a few years of design Hyperlite came back stronger than ever with one of maybe the best Cable wakeboards in the world today. As for Hyperlite Bindings or Boots again Hyperlite thinking outside the box is what helped them become the best wakeboard brand for boots with the Hyperlite systems and the Hyperlite chassis.
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