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North Kiteboarding have returned! Having taken the opportunity to revaluate all aspects of kiteboarding from a new perspective and reverse engineering every detail with a new mantra "Balance and Harmony" creating products that are not only the strongest but the most flexible! The simplest yet most technical! The most advanced but with the lightest footprint! Lastly, generating the most performance yet remaining completely intuitive!
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"How can we make it simpler?"

This is the first and last question when it comes to North Kiteboarding's design process! By ensuring they use only the most premium materials that have consistently tested well for accuracy, performance and durability allows North to strip back traditional over-complicated designs that have become commonplace in kitesurfing because the more elements that are involved the greater the potential there is for something to go wrong, and North understand that when out on the water your only concern should be the kiting itself. 

Developing kites and boards to the next level, understanding that kiteboarding is a sensory experience and even considering the noises that the connections and fastenings make are just one of the many considerations North have made when designing their products!

Chief Designer 'Pat Goodman' is responsible for the new range from North Kiteboarding and with 18 years as a leading authority on kite design, with thousands of hours experience both on the water and hundreds of prototypes behind him, Pat has refined the kite bridle, by removing the pulley system for improved safety and a better connection, which has resulted in less drag, more accuracy and a more direct feeling!

Built to be completely intuitive North want session you have on the water to feel effortless! As such North have constructed their new range to feel like not only an extension of your body but of your soul! Everything has been designed to work together as one, the kites, twintip boards, control bars, bindings, foils and most importantly kites have all been calibrated, tested and recalibrated thousands of times to ensure that they work together in harmony and that the kitesurf is in complete control at all times!

Don't just take our word for it S2AS is also a UK Demo Centre for North Kiteboarding, simplyt contact us on 01202 738448 and you can see for yourself the incredible performance of these kites!