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Ride Snowboarding started in 1992 as a brand for the people, built upon technical innovation, superior quality and selling the dream. Ride has grown massively since they first started and now are involved in every aspect of snowboarding. The built quality and durability of Ride Snowboards is unreal.
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Founded back in 1992 Ride hit the market with only four snowboards and a vision - to create a snowboard company "for the people" built upon technical innovation, superior quality and "selling the dream."

Following their initial success in 1994, Ride launched an outerwear and streetwear line to meet the growing demand for functional yet stylish clothing. Today, this line has continued to evolve providing a phenomenal fusion of street fashion and snowboard function known today as Ride Snowboards Outerwear.

Recently relocating to Seattle, Ride has never strayed from their original goal of technical innovation, superior quality and "selling the dream," and continues to maintain its distinctive brand identity within the snowboarding market. For Ride, it's not about being the biggest ... it's about being the best at what we do and truly becoming a great snowboard company "for the people." Through the passion and dedication of all of Ride's employees and global affiliates, Ride have firmly established themselves as a snowboard industry leader.