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Founded in 1965 by Bob Swanson and George Marks, Sierra Designs was built upon the idea that no matter their experience or knowlesge of the great outdoors, everyone deserves to have good quality gear for camping and exploring nature! And whilst many innovations have occured in the last 50 years, Sierra Designs is still based around the simple premise!

Finding inspiration in everyday adventures Sierra Designs is based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with access to trails, mountains, deserts and beaches. Whether your prepping for a month long mission or afternoon escapade they have a product built for you!

A company with a well-established Social Responsibility Program, having instituted a Code of Conduct in 1995. Ensuring dignity and ethical treatment of all factory employees who produce their products. The cornerstone of the program’s effectiveness is based on fair but strict enforcement, understanding unique factory operations, and working successfully with supplier management to facilitate process improvements which affect Sierra Designs' workers' quality of life.

Trail tested, inspired by any adventure and trouble-free.