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Volcom Snowboarding is a super rare range of Snowboarding clothing With some of the best Snowboard jackets and Snowboard pants. Volcom is a core brand that is only in a select few Snowboard shops in the UK. The reason is simple Volcom are a technical fashion brand that offer only the best when it comes to both style,fit and function We here at Surface 2 Air Sports have been stocking the brand Volcom for over 10 years and that will carry on. Volcom is our best selling Snowboard wear brand. The Volcom Snowboard jackets out sell every other brand we do as do Volcom Snowboard pants, Volcom has riders out on the mountain all day testing the fit of the Volcom range, For example the Volcom Snowboard pants they are Twisted at the knee to help your stance feel natural and make sure you feel free at all times when Snowboarding its the little things like that we like about Volcom. Surface 2 Air Sports are the Uk's largest Volcom Snow dealer so you can be sure to have the best choice when looking for a new Volcom Jacket or any Volcom Snow gear really.
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Volcom is one of the only Core brands in the industry, and they make some of the best outerwear for snowboarding, and the most stylish street wear. The reason we heavily believe Volcom is one of the better brands is simple; they offer both style and function. They have been one of our best selling Snowboard brands for a while now, and we will continue to stock them as long as we’re in business. With Volcom, it’s little things that matter. Features such as twisted knees on their snowboard pants make them fit better and feel a lot freer than normal pants.