Buyer Guides

So, you’ve come here to learn a bit more about your gear, eh? Perfect! Choose from one of our hand-written buyers guides down below and boost your knowledge game up a level. Each one of these guides is designed to get as much important and relevant information across as quickly as possible, so you get to spend more time on the water or the mountain!

Looking for a hand with buying your new Wakeboard, Kitesurf, Snowboard or Stand-Up Paddle Board Gear? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Surface 2 Air Sports we believe strongly in getting you out on the water or the mountain, and with the right gear you’ll be hooked on your favourite Extreme Sport. We’ve put together this selection of Buyers Guides, to make choosing that new Kitesurf Board or Wakeboard Bindings a lot easier. If you need any more help on choosing or want a bit more advice, give us a call on 01202 738 448, or pop into our shop in Poole, Dorset!

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Sup -buyers-guide