Our website uses Cookies for various purposes. Cookies are small text parcels sent to and from a website, which is then stored on your computer by your browser. Without a Cookie a website cannot distinguish between different users, which can lead to essential functionality of a site not working as expected. This policy explains how Cookies are used on our website and how you can control them.

In this policy, we/us/website refers to

How we use Cookies

We use Cookies to define sessions, provide essential site features and track visitors anonymously for analytical purposes. We regularly carry out an audit of the cookies used on our website and have categorised them into the following:

  1. Essential Cookies
  2. Functional Cookies
  3. Third Party Cookies

The below tables highlight all of the Cookies in use on this website. The Duration specifies how long they live on your computer until they are removed or renewed. Each type of Cookie may occur multiple times, each with different Name(s). We grouped these together for readability purposes.

Essential Cookies

These Cookies are required by the website in order to work as expected. Without them you may be unable to browse parts of the website or view it at all.

ASP.NET SessionASP.NET_SessionIdSessionIdentifies your Session as you browse the site
BasketIDBasketID30 DaysIdentifies your bag contents
ReferenceReference2 DaysIdentifies your Order during the Checkout process
ContactIDContactID2 MonthsIdentifies you during the Checkout process
CurrencyCurrency2 DaysTracks your chosen Currency
SelectedOptionSelectedOption2 DaysTracks your chosen Delivery option

Functional Cookies

These Cookies are used by features of our website to identify you and your preferences as you use the site. It is possible to use the website without these, though you may see a degraded experience.

LongTermSourceLongTermSource30 DaysUsed for affiliate tracking
PlatformPlatform30 DaysDistinguishes between Mobile and Desktop users
PurchasedPurchased2 MonthsTracks whether you have made a previous purchase before

Third Party Cookies

These Cookies are used by selected third parties we have chosen to integrate with. They are used mainly for tracking purposes so that we can further improve the site for the future. They may also be used for integrating with social sites to further enhance your website experience.

Facebookdatr, locale, csm, lu, p, act, c_user, s, xs, presenceVariesUsed by Facebook for Like button
Twitterauth_token_session, guest_id, k, _utmz, _utmc, _utmb, _utma
twll, secure_session, auth_token, twid, _twitter_sess
VariesUsed by Twitter for Tweet button
Google Analytics_utmz, _utmc, _utmb, _utmaVariesUsed by Google Analytics for tracking purposes. You can opt out of these using the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.
Feefojsessionid, BIGipServerLB01-FEF1-HTTP-POOLSessionThis cookie is used on our website in order to provide functionality for the Feefo ( service.
Affiliate Windowaw, aw1001, awpv100130 DaysThis cookie is used on our website in order to provide functionality for the Affiliate Window ( service.
MyThingsckid, mtrs, ABTst, mt_1533-100-uk, cksession, mttgt, googidVariesThis cookie is used on our website in order to provide functionality for the MyThings ( service.
Communicator__ccCtCookie, __ccCtCookieDupVariesThis cookie is used on our website in order to provide functionality for the Communicator ( service.
Qubit_qsst, _qsst_s, _qst, _qst_s, _qubitTracker, _qubitTracker_s, qb_ss_status, qbef, qtag_699916VariesThis cookie is used on our website in order to provide functionality for the Qubit ( service.

Controlling the Cookies

By default, all of the above Cookies are in use on our website. However, if you wish to take control of these cookies you can do so by following the instructions below for your browser:

This will allow you to remove Cookies or prevent using them altogether. Remember, turning off Cookies in your browser will affect all websites not just this one. If you later decide you'd like to allow Cookies, then simply adjust your browser settings and continue using the website; Cookies will then be sent to and from our website.

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