Core Sensor 3 Kitesurfing Bar and Lines

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Sensor 3 (46.5-50cm)
  (one size)
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Take a look at the new Core Sensor 3 Kitesurfing Bar and Lines at S2AS!

No gimmicks. No unnecessary features. The new Core Sensor 3's elemental design delivers superlative feel and comfort when kitesurfing!

Core Kiteboarding have perfected the art of controlling a kite with their new Sensor 3 bar and lines utilising ergonomic bar ends, one-click width adjustment, hidden winders, and easy-in CIC Quick Release. The Sensor 3 is a unique bar system built for today's high-performance kites.

Experience high-tech wizardry brought to you by Core's R&D team, providing the most direct kite feeling ever, Rick Jensen, Core's Sensor 3
product developer says "Our uncommonly clean bar and bar ends further improve the Sensor 3's ergonomics and haptics". New Stealth Winders revolutionise bar design, unique flight and storage features, after unwinding the bar, the Stealth Winders fold in and disappear into the bar ends. "Useable, soft grip extends to the bar ends to give you more
real estate," explains Rick.

The new EVA grip with an optimized profile guarantees non-slip action. And its improved color scheme and red line let riders know when the bar is reversed. "Our easy-in CIC Quick Release needs extremely low release forces and resets with a click." Philip Schinnagel, Core's CEO, comments acting much in the same way a seatbelt clicks back into a buckle, offering one less concern the kiter whilst flying their kite. Core is united with the Global Kitesports Association (GKA) to make this sport as safe as possible, so "it's logical for us to unify the triggering direction, too." explains Philip.

Proven Core features such as its titanium-reinforced bar, Supported Single Frontline Safety, 4:1 adjuster, and Auto Untwist function are naturally carried over from the fantastic Sensor 2 kitesurfing bar and lines.

Experience new possibilties with unrivalled feedback, connect and control!


- Titanium Core: The integrated titanium truss ensures Core's twin auto-untwist center lines that pass through the center of the bar do not affect the bombproof rigidity of the Sensor 3 bar. It might be overkill, but we prefer it that way. And if the center lines wear out the bar guide, replace it with a fresh one.
- Stealth Winders: No divots, sharp corners, or hard protruding ends on this bar. The clean, minimalistic and soft bar ends don't just look fantastic but are super grippable. After your fun sesh, the bar ends fold open to reveal hidden line winders.
- Griploc: Optimized bar texture for best grip. The narrow, non-slip asymmetric grip is easy on the hands (even for marathon sessions). Contrasting colors provide improved left/right visual guidance. And a thin redline on the underside lets you know if the bar is reversed.
- Live Wire: Super direct bar response and EZ bar width adjustment. Feel more "connected" to your kite with floaters that don't interfere with the natural movement of the steering lines as they end a few centimeters above the bar. And adjust bar width (50/46.5cm) by merely swiveling the line block hidden under the Stealth Winders. The elastic line keepers also dissappear into the floaters for a clean, uncluttered kite session.
- Auto Untwist: Untwisting your front lines after looping your kite is as simple as pulling in the bar. Front line twists only occur below the Sensor 3 bar where a ceramic swivel unravels the front lines automatically. Another benefit is the sweet "between the fingers" comfort when your hand straddles the center lines due to the narrow width and special coating.
- 4:1 Adjuster: Core's block and cleat system reduces pulling forces by a factor of four making quick adjustments in gusts a breeze (pun intended:). And the adjuster rope features an elasticized construction which shortens and keeps the line out of your way.
- Core Intuitive Connect Release: A push-out and easy click-back-in quick release. The red CIC Release cap is designed to provide superior grip in emergency situations. And reconnecting the quick release is as simple as re-inserting the chickenloop end into the CIC mechanism until you hear it click in. CIC Release. Just release and click back in.
- Supported Single Frontline Safety: Core's exclusive hybrid system combines the advantages of a single front line, double front line, and fifth line safety. When deployed, it blows out the front line (below the "Y") eliminating pull. At the same time, a pulley system shortens the second front line (above the "Y") which moves the kite to a stable and safe relaunch position.
- Short Safety Leash: A short safety leash comes standard with all Core bar systems. When connected to your spreader bar, our 50cm leash delivers better ergonomics and safety. It's easier to see or grab, and it won't tangle. If, on the other hand, you see yourself unhooking in the future, we have a Pro Leash for you.

- Lines made in Germany: Liros, is a name synonymous with line innovation and workmanship. They pre-stretch all Core lines under heat for lasting performance. Only 1.8mm thick and a breaking strength of 368 kg, the Sensor 3 lines will perform beyond your expectations.
- Spliced Ends: For a better hold, Core splice all their ends before sewing for a more permanent hold. It's a little more work, but this method guarantees higher strength and better aerodynamics.
- Replaceable Bar Inserts: Bar inserts that surround the depower lines lubricate them as they pass through the bar to reduce wear. The inserts are also easily and inexpensively replaced without tools.
- Tectanium Powerlines: The front lines from the "Y" to the chicken loop use an exclusive material; low stretch, Tectanium. And it's protected with a 5.2mm, UV-stabilized, Polyether where it passes through the bar. Techno speak for really durable, self-lubricating, no pinch, depower lines. The virtually frictionless, depower/safety lines are more aerodynamic, provide better feedback, and are more comfortable between the fingers. Just wait till you try it. You'll see.
- Anti-Slip Coating: Special rubber is applied to the bar ends and CIC release to give the surface even more grip when wet.

Additional Details:

- Multibag: The multi-purpose barbag offers protection for your shiny Sensor 3 bar when you're on the road. Accessories, tools, spare parts, line extensions, and optional loops can be stored in the bag's compartments. The mesh insert on the back guarantees proper ventilation. Fold it away or hang it up in a visible spot, so you don't forget it.

- High Quality Raw Materials: Core use thermoplastics primarily used for the production of precision parts using the injection molding process. The colorless, semi-crystalline polymers are characterized by extreme rigidity, low frictional resistance, and amazing dimensional stability. Titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter. This gives titanium the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all known metals. Plus, titanium is impervious to salt. For these reasons, Core have used titanium for the control bar truss, as well as the quick release and bar end grub screws. Marine-grade A4 stainless steel is used for the remaining metal components. The higher proportion of molybdenum minimizes corrosion and delivers years of reliable performance.

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