GoPro Cameras

Here at S2AS we know that there is nothing worse than pulling off a trick and not getting it on film, this is why we stock the best cameras in the business from Go Pro. We've got a range of different types of Go Pros from the Hero 4 Black Edition to the Hero Edition camera, all of the Go Pros than we stock allow you to capture footage anywhere and everywhere no matter if it's on top of a mountain or in the depths of the sea, the Go Pro camera will capture it all in brilliant quality.

The Go Pro Hero 4 Black Edition allows capture of a quality of 4K up to 30fps down to 720p at 120fps, it also provides you with an ultra wide, medium and narrow setting for the lens and manual controls for exposure, ISO and colour which allows you to perfect your capture settings. There is also built-in wifi and bluetooth for connection to other devices such as phones, laptops and optional remotes which allow you to capture at a distance.

If you have any questions about the Go Pro cameras that we stock please don't hesitate to call us on 01202 738448.

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