Impact Vests

We stock a large range of impact vests, mainly from Brunotti and Mystic who both offer high-quality impact vests to last you for seasons to come. Impact Vests are a very important piece of kit for Freestyle Kitesurfing, allowing you to go for some crazy tricks without the pain if you slam. All of the impact vests that we stock contain technology to keep them light when in the water, yet maintain durability throughout your session. These features come under different names, for Brunotti being their Density Foam, while for Mystic it's their Clash Foam. We recomend going for an overhead pullover, as the fit can get much tighter than if you were to go for a zipped version. For this reason alone, we only stock vests with the pullover design, ensuring you always find the right product. For any more info on our Kitesurfing Impact Vests, give us a call on 01202 738448!

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