Here at S2AS leading Kitesurf Shop in the UK, we stock a massive range of Kiteboards including Twintip Kiteboards, Skimboards, and even dedicated Kite Surfboards. All of these products are brought to you from leading kitesurfing brands, take a look at the range from the following; Airush Kiteboards, Brunotti KiteboardsCabrinha Kiteboards, Core Kiteboards, Flysurfer Kiteboards, North Kiteboards, Ocean Rodeo Kiteboards, Peter Lynn Kiteboards, Slingshot KiteboardsTona Kiteboards and Xenon Kiteboards. We stock a massive range of boards so you can find suitable kiteboard no matter your level; beginner through pro-riders and we also make sure to stock a range different styles so whether you're into boosting big air Freeride, after Lightwind performance riding or into more progressive Freestyle and Wakestyle surfing S2AS has a kiteboard setup for you! All the kitesurfing boards that we stock have all been tested by our team of expert kitesurfers!

If you have any questions about the Kitesurf Boards that we stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.


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2021 Brunotti Dimension Valkyrie Kitesurf Board


2021 Brunotti Youri Pro Kitesurf Board


2021 Brunotti Pro X Kitesurf Board


2021 Brunotti Riptide Women's Kitesurf Board


2021 Brunotti Blackhawk Kitesurf Board


2021 Brunotti Hawk Kitesurf Board


2021 Cabrinha XCal Wood Kiteboard


2021 Cabrinha Spectrum Kiteboard


2021 Cabrinha CBL Kiteboard


Shinn ADHD Chromatic Kiteboard


Shinn Monk Chromatic Kiteboard


Shinn Monkette Chromatic Kiteboard


Shinn Pinbot Chromatic Kiteboard


Shinn Ronson Chromatic Kiteboard


Shinn Superking Chromatic Kiteboard


Core Fusion 5 Kitesurfing Board


Flysurfer Trip Split Kiteboard with Pads And Straps


Flysurfer Flow Kiteboard with Pads And Straps


Ocean Rodeo Mako Kitesurfing Board


2020 Cabrinha XO Women's Kiteboard

RRP: £584.00 £379.00

Ocean Rodeo Smoothy Kiteboard


Carved Custom Imperator 6 Kiteboard


Carved Custom Imperator 6 Light Wind Kiteboard


Core Choice 4 Kiteboard


Core Bolt 4 Kiteboard


2021 Airush Apex v7 Kiteboard


2021 Airush Diamond v6 Women's Kiteboard


Shinn Monk Glitch Kiteboard

RRP: £579.00 £485.00

Shinn Ronson Magnet Kiteboard

RRP: £599.00 £499.00

Shinn ADHD Distortion Kiteboard

RRP: £609.00 £510.00

Shinn Bronq Luigi Kiteboard

RRP: £719.00 £599.00

Shinn Monkette Double Trouble Kiteboard

RRP: £569.00 £480.00

Shinn Slicer Split Kiteboard


Shinn Pinbot Red Kiteboard

RRP: £475.00 £395.00

Shinn Superking Kiteboard

RRP: £589.00 £495.00

2020 Slingshot Vision Kiteboard

RRP: £599.00 £389.00