Core Nexus 2 LW Kitesurf Kite

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Take a look at the new Core Nexus 2 LW Kitesurfing Kite at S2AS!

Gone are the days of travelling to the beach with heaps of gear — a quiver of wave kites, a quiver of freestyle kites and a separate set of kites for boosting. Prepare to meet the Nexus 2 with the new Core ExoTex Light struts. An athletic kite that is never too cool to learn a new trick whether on a strapless surfboard or your dependable twintip, the Nexus 2 brings incredible versatility to wave and freestyle riding. The secret behind the Core Nexus 2’s versatility is due to its highly refined three strut Future-C shape and proprietary materials that combines the proven surf profile of the Section with the kiteloop pedigree of the GTS.

And now the Nexus LW’s leading edge and struts are made with Core's newest dacron material: ExoTex Light which is 10% lighter than before.

The Nexus 2, is technically billed as two kites in one, but we found at least three things it’s really good at. Just set the kite’s CIT Modes to match the beach conditions and go have fun. Be it hard cutbacks on your favourite wave or a sublime backroll, the Nexus 2 will excite your senses.

Certainly, it’s great in waves, with more lift than a Section so it boosts better as well, but the slackline control is still there in spades and you can mess with the settings. One way for Surf, the other for freestyle on which settings, if you’ve been trying that, handles trick and not nailing it then chances are you will with the Nexus, it’s a lot more forgiving, less punch in the face than say the GTS.

Then in the middle settings, it’s just a great freeride kite, what makes it good at waves and freestyle also means it excels for intermediates wishing to just go ride, or push their individual envelopes. It’s not an XR5 so if you don’t know how to jump, pick your kicker, load and release it’s not going to take you to the moon like the XR5 will, but if you do know all that good stuff then it’ll do it better as the guys found out in Cape Verde where they broke the island height record using it.

Then there’s foiling, lots of folks have spotted that what makes kites good in waves also makes them good on a foil, but there’s a little bonus with the Nexus particularly when your foil taking upwind, it’s extra lift in the vertical just gives you that extra through the tack, try one you’ll see what we mean. 

Treasure your local spot's mid-afternoon summer breeze with Core's newest and most advanced lightwind fun machine. It is super light, three strut construction, and fully customizable handling will have you grinning silly in marginal conditions. Yes, it's possible to make lines on your favourite break when other kites just won't cut the mustard. And yes you can even practice your new tricks no the Nexus LW in those less than perfect conditions.

Lightwind has never been this exciting!

Key Features:

  • Future C-Shape: True C-kite feel. For snappy turns with a controlled and consistent pull.
  • CIT Modes: Fully adjustable kite handling characteristics. Wave mode makes the kite turn faster and increases depower, whilst Freestyle increases the trun radius and stabilizes the kite and adds a little extra grunt. The Nexus comes out of bag in the Allround mode that sits nicely between the two
  • Radical Reaction Tips: C-style shaped wingtips for faster bar response.
  • 3 Strut Light Frame: Super light yet amazingly rigid and durable. Also able to initiate turns faster than a five-strut design important for wave riding
  • Exotex® Slim Struts: Zero stretch airframe utilising a radical reinforcing thread pattern and protective coating process that allows for a higher pressure with a smaller diameter
  • Coretex® Light: Exclusive to Core this ripstop material is a lighter weight fabric which provides incredible breaking strength and tear resistance
  • Ultralight Wingtips: ExoTex Darcron provides weight saving on the leading and trailing edge whilst protecting trhe areas that come into contact with beach
  • Surf Profile: Modified camber for improved drifting and balance.
  • Ultrashort Bridle System: Improved kite feedback.
  • Instant Relaunch: Reliable water starts in difficult conditions.
  • Speed Valve 2: The Speed Valve 2 connects directly to any standard 20mm OD twist lock pump hose. The Speed Valve 2 maximizes airflow, minimizes inflation times and noticeably reduces pump pressure. This inflation/deflation system is so good you may even have the energy for an extra trick or two.
  • Speed Pump System: Fully pumped in no time. Huge air hoses and strut valves allow uninhibited air flow. And when you haven't kited in a few days, every second counts :)
  • Sensor Bar Ready: For maximum kite feedback and control pair this kite with a Sensor 2 or 2S bar.
  • 6 Year Parts Availability: Core's Industry leading durability is backed by a 6-year replacement parts guarantee

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