Flysurfer Boost 3 Kitesurf Kite

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Check Out The Flysurfer Boost 3 Kitesurf Kite Now Available From S2AS

Designed to be an extremely high aspect kite like we use to see in the past. The Boost 3 has an incredible relaunch capability no matter the strength of the wind you are out riding in. The kite rolls effortlessly into the window and gets back into the air with the lightest pull on the line. This being said thanks to the intelligent short bridal system the kite doesn't feel old school like shape would suggest, it feels a lot more modern and boasts an extremely high performance being able to turn on a pivot whilst feeling extremely stable whilst flying.

The Flysurfer Boost 3 depowers to almost nothing making this a kite great to give a beginner however when you power up the kite feel completely changes and fill fly to the front of the window and power you upwind absorbing gusts like they are nothing even at faster speeds. The Boost 3 is also an incredible kite for boosting sending you skyward even if your technique is not perfect and allows for easy smooth touchdowns making it perfect for really progressing your jumping.

Here at S2AS we really recommend this kite to anyone looking for a freeride, boosting kite. No matter your ability you will have a great time with the 2019 Flysurfer Boost 3

Total package consists of

1x BOOST3 Kite only
1x BOOST3 Kite Bag
1x Kite Safety Guide
1x Self Launcher Bag
1x Repair Kit

Short Bridle System 

Thanks to the profile and short bridle system of the Flysurfer Boost 3 the kite gives you incredible depower, precise turning and easy relaunch. The kite feels even when depowered and the angle of attack can be controlled easily through slight movements of the bar allowing you to boost big and fly upwind like its nothing. With the Boost 3, you can adjust the kite to give your preferred steering force no matter which of the bars you go for.

High Load Force Frame

Made from a tightly woven Dupont fiber that has been tempered with resin allows the kite to be pumped up to be extremely rigid without the risk of blowouts allowing for the kite to maintain its designed shape even in the gustiest of conditions. All the fabric used in the 2019 Flysurfer Boost 3 is tear resistant, won't stretch, won't absorb water, and is highly UV resistant meaning your kite will last much longer.

Unmatched Relaunch

The Flysurfer boost 3 is very easy to relaunch thanks to the backward sweep of the front tubes. The kite will roll effortlessly into the wind window and relaunch on the slightest pull of the line. 

3D Shape And Strut Design

This low weight and robust design allowed the kite to be shaped for maximum performance perfect for powering upwind and boosting big.

Self Launcher

With the Self Launcher, we are offering you a tool to easily solo-launch the BOOST3. Position the kite at the edge of the wind window, connect the sandbag (which comes with the kite), or any other bag and place this on the ground. Once the kite lines are tensioned the Self Launcher automatically releases safely at just the right moment.


5m - Orange

7m - Orange

9m - Cyan

11m - Cyan

13m - Spearmint

15m - Spearmint


Colororange / petrolorange / petrolcyan / petrolcyan / petrolspearmint / petrolspearmint / petrol
Area m² (projected)3.555.
Aspect Ratio5.
Weight Kite only (kg)2.482.903.363.784.164.28
Line length (m)212121212121 + 6
Recommended barsize505050505060





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