Ocean Rodeo Flite (Gen 6) Kite - 17m with Origin Board Lightwind Kitesurfing Package

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Take a look at the new Ocean Rodeo Flite (Gen 6) Kitesurfing Kite at S2AS!

Regardless of size, the Flite offers riders an explosive, easy to work with kite designed to make you feel and ride like a hero, even in the faintest of winds. Tight, super snappy turns with big lofty jumps and forgiving kite-loops make the Flite truly the only high performance light wind kite on the market. Small sizes of Flite offer incredible freeride performance, not to mention big boosts, and are ideal foil boarding kites for light wind foil sessions!

If your predominately riding in ligh winds or riding foil boards, this is the kite for you, with its Wide Arc and large projected area enables the Flite to produce maximum power per square meter. Whilst the high aspect ratio produces greater lift and less drag for a kite that lifts you windward.

Finally the Fixed Bridle with Floating V means a direct and snappy response and kites stabilizes the leading edge, allowing for more efficient profile as well as lifting the kite out of a loop, avoiding a stall for maximum climb.

Also the new Sherp Kite Bag comes standard with all 2018 kites.


  • Speed Inflate: Get on the water faster with the speed inflation system. Strut to leading edge connector tubes feature easy to use quick clamps for added security while riding.
  • Trim Equalizer: Keeps line lengths equal when fine tuning kite turning speed
  • Buck Stitching: This three stage zig-zag stitch distributes seam load creating a tear resistant, long lasting seam.
  • Abrasion Guard: Ultra-light and abrasion resistant. The Kevlar scuff protection is also low profile, delivering a streamlined no snag profile throughout the kite.
  • Variable Line Length: Tailor your kite’s performance to match your riding style and launch conditions.
  • Load Distribution: Using strategic seam placement and pathways to enhance a kite’s performance and durability


Ocean Rodeo Origin Kitesurfing Board:

The Origin is an agile, practical twin tip kiteboard built around a superior shape with swept 33cm tips giving it a prime progression template.

Recognising that many riders rack up a lot of kiteboarding hours in choppy water, Ocean Rodeo developed the Origin to track, grip, go easy on the knees, shoot upwind and load up for a big boost in ‘real world’ conditions.

Riders will love how this board always brings something fun to the session whether you’re slashing up waves, running downwind with your friends, going huge or just cruising your local spot. Built tough with ABS sidewalls and a blended wood core, this board is made for the journey!


  • 142x47cm
  • ABS Sidewalls
  • Wood Core
  • Excellent Beginners Board


Bliss Pads and Straps

Featuring ultra-durable and comfortable dual-density EVA foam pads and near infinite strap configuration options the Bliss pad & strap system present your feet with the perfect balance of comfort and control when riding.

  • Foam Dampening: The durable and proven foam dampening in the heel area of the footpad brings offers comfort and control for increased performance and safety when on the water!
  • Toe Ridge System: Perfectly placed special foam ridge ensures your foot is always aligned and helps ‘monkey grip’ the board during jumps and transitions.
  • Velcro Quick Closure: Proven safe and secure, the velcro closure delivers sung and comfortable fit for every session.


Ocean Rodeo Pilot Bar and Lines:

Introducing the Pilot Bar, Ocean Rodeo's cleanest, easiest to use front line trim bar to date. Combining time tested components and materials, the Pilot bar delivers enhanced precision and control to front line trim.

Available in two lengths 46cm and 52cm,


  • Smooth Roller: More than just a block or pulley, this is the smoothest action roller we’ve ever used. Combined with the precision cleating action of the Cleat Lock you can micro trim with precision even when full powered.
  • Cleat Lock: Marine grade stainless steel for maximum bite. The dual-purpose cleat lock provides easy trim control with superb line management via velcro hold down.
  • Integrated Bar Floats: EVA Bar floats and bar ends are moulded in one piece minimizing the chance of the bar wrapping around lines during wipeouts. Shock cord line holders make line storage a snap.
  • "Hourglass" Bar Opening: Made with marine grade stainless steel, the center hole is highly tapered to accept the rugged 12mm PU tubing. The refined shape delivers smooth sheeting at extreme angles.
  • "All in" Centre Line: The rugged 12 mm diameter center line houses flag out depower line and primary load-bearing centre line. No exposed flag out lines or rope to chafe your fingers, abrade or tangle.
  • Gen 8 Punch-Out Trim Loop: Reliable in both slack line and full powered situations, the push away motion works in opposition to the static connection between rider and control bar, providing a smooth release in all situations. For added security, the stainless release pin is shrouded by the release cuff, guarding your hand against release pin motion during activation. The push release cuff tension has been tuned for easy operation in an emergency, yet secure enough to hold firm against the inevitable bumps and bangs encountered while riding. The entire Gen 8 trim loop assembly has been shortened by 2 cm vs Gen 7 delivering more bottom end sheeting range.
  • Easy Reset: Push release cuff remains locked up and ready to reset after an eject making reset quite literally a “snap”
  • Pre Molded Trim Loop: Pre moulded into a U shape, making reset even easier when combined with the automatic docking and push reset feature.
  • Tailored Trim Loop Retainer: Holds the trim loop in place in the event of slackline or extreme sheeting angles, reducing the chance of unwanted unhooking.
  • Premium Liros Flying Lines: German made Liros DC 401 Ultra HD flying lines, tested to 580 kg (1275 lbs). Lower sections of front lines are Liros D-Pro. Lines are coloured for easy rigging. Front line re-ride is orange for easy identification while resetting the system.
  • Pig Tails: The Stick Shift ships with an assortment of premium pigtails, ensuring compatibility with all major kite brands. Each pigtail is individually marked with length, allowing you to also adjust for eventual front line stretch.

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