Ocean Rodeo Prodigy (Gen 7) Kite - 12m with Brunotti Dimension Valkyrie Kitesurfing Package

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Take a look at the new Ocean Rodeo Prodigy (Gen 7) Kitesurfing Kite at S2AS!

The Prodigy allows you to do it all, with just one kite.

High wind, light wind, waves, freestyle, big air, foilboarding: the Prodigy will deliver the handling and performance to allow you to make the most of any wind and wave conditions. The kite is super stable in the sky and fly's upwind with ease ready for you to do your next huge boosting jump, The re-launch of the water is just so easy, Just pull on a steering line and up the kite flys off the water with ease. In fact, we here at S2AS believe this is the easiest kitesurf kite on the market to re-launch.

The moderate arc and ultra stable 3-strut design combined with weight-reducing build techniques are what makes this kite truly a master of all conditions. Whether you’re sneaking a light wind session after work, or pushing the limits in 40 knots, the Prodigy will consistently deliver.

Learning new tricks or want to take your kitesurfing to the next level? This is the kite for you. The Prodigy just makes it all so easy, the kite is very forgiving and easy to fly and if you do make a mistake the Kite will not punish you as most kites will do. The "GO TO" Kite for all riders, It does not matter if your riding waves, Busting out some freestyle tricks or leaning your first back roll the Prodigy will take you to that next level.


- Teijin Techno Force D2 Ripstop: Designed specifically for the kiteboarding market, Teijin’s Technoforce D2 Ripstop has high tear resistance, low stretch, and is incredibly light weight. Each Strand of yarn is individually coated before being woven together. A second surface coating is then applied to the material, providing long term endurance. Teijin D2 is the benchmark in quality with proven superiority in durability and dynamics.
- Challenge D2.9 RS Dacron: Designed specifically to combat the loads in an inflatable leading edge kite. This material has been shown to hold a kite’s shape better and longer than others by over 60%. We use warp oriented constructions using Ultra High tenacity yarns with an increased thread count to combat elongation in the warp direction under high inflation pressures. Lower elongation makes for a more accurate kite with less deformation while in flight



- Precision Curve Struts: Hold the designed foil shape delivering the desired performance through the wind range
- Armortex Abrasion Guard: Ultra-light, non fraying, and abrasion resistant, these Kevlar/ nylon blend scuff protection pads deliver a streamlined no snag profile throughout the kite
- Ultralite Construction: We use a blend of state of the art fabrics and components in order to bring to you the lightest and toughest kites we’ve ever made. Using custom blended UV film in our strut and leading edge bladders allows us to double down on light weight with outstanding durability
- Speed Inflation System: Get on the water faster with the speed inflation system. Strut to leading edge connector tubes feature easy to use quick clamps for added security while riding. Featuring all new EVA Clamp covers. See if your clip is open or shut. Light and easy to operate
- High Capacity Valve: Direct hose to valve connection for simple operation. Wide threaded cap is easy to tighten and even easier to unscrew eliminating the jammed valve cap syndrome. Cap is leashed to the kite, and the valve cover has been re-shaped for smooth no snag fit
- Trim Equalizer: Keeps line lengths equal when fine-tuning kite turning speed
- Buck Stitching: This three-stage zig-zag stitch distributes seam load creating a tear-resistant, long-lasting seam.
- Abrasion Guard: Ultra-light and abrasion-resistant. The Kevlar scuff protection is also low profile, delivering a streamlined no snag profile throughout the kite.
- Variable Line Length: Tailor your kite’s performance to match your riding style and launch conditions.
- Load Distribution: Using strategic seam placement and pathways to enhance a kite’s performance and durability
- Easy Access Bladder Port: Zip entry access to bladders is neatly finished delivering a super clean entry into the leading edge compartment
- Secure Connect: Molded beads on the back line leaders deliver a secure larks head connection every time
- Secure Pump Leash Loop: Easy to locate and perfectly balanced to hold your kite in place while you pump


2021 Brunotti Dimension Valkyrie Kitesurf:

Easily Brunotti's best selling kitesurf board and it's really not hard to see why. Looking for a freeride board that can also jump big and get into freestyle then this is definitely the board for. No matter the rider, level or style of riding you can not go wrong with the Brunotti Dimension Valkyrie. The shallow rocker design allows the board to be incredibly smooth through the water and cut upwind like nothing you have ever experienced before.

The active backbone and 3D shape of the Dimension increase the torsional rigidity of the board whilst allowing it to maintain a mid-flex pattern making it smooth and comfortable to ride while still allowing to get plenty of pop from the board. A double concave shape to the base combined with dual channeling and DRS allows you to easily hold an edge making it really easy to load the board for massive airs.

The Brunotti Dimension Valkyrie really is a true all-rounder, check out what you have been missing.


  • CNC'd Wood Core: Precision engineered pieces of computer cut woodwork. Constructed to match the exact characteristics the riders want. Lightweight, thick enough to create stiffness and strength, and thin enough to allow flex and comfort.
  • DRS Tech: (Diamond Shaped Rail) This sharp rail has a very small contact surface making it the perfect freeride rail, providing loads of grip and great upwind performance. The rail edge also has sufficient stiffness to provide strong pop.
  • Hyperbolic Chassis: Moulded in one piece to give the board a better torsional flex and produce a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Torque Equalizer:  Creates an unmatched torsional stiffness for kiteboards that are easy to control and have massive upwind performance.
  • Active Backbone: Runs down the length of the board and adds both stiffness and strength where needed. It also distributes the forces placed on the inserts evenly through the board, increasing control and comfort.
  • Double Channel: Channeling underneath the board allows for extra edge hold whether you are charging upwind or loading for a jump. 
  • Double Concave- Allows water to flow freely underneath the board for a really smooth ride whilst enhancing edge hold for upwind ability


Brunotti Gravity Pro Pads & Straps:

Looking for a really comfortable set of pads and staps for any kitesurf board then the Brunotti Gravity Pros are definitely one of our favourites here at S2AS. Providing a great locked in feeling with plenty of adjustability that will stay comfortable no matter how long your session.

  • Dynamic Strap- Get a perfect customised fit for any shape or size of feet. Utilising 4 different wings so you can adjust the upper and lower part of the strap separately.
  • Heel Pads- Customisable heel pads allowing you to adjust the softness of your footpad. The choice is yours.
  • Torque Flex- An EVA stringer runs from the front to the back of the footpad increasing the torsional stiffness giving you more control and power when loading the edge of the board to ride upwind or jump.


Ocean Rodeo Pilot Bar and Lines:

Introducing the Pilot Bar, Ocean Rodeo's cleanest, easiest to use front line trim bar to date. Combining time tested components and materials, the Pilot bar delivers enhanced precision and control to front line trim.

Available in two lengths 46cm and 52cm,


  • Smooth Roller: More than just a block or pulley, this is the smoothest action roller we’ve ever used. Combined with the precision cleating action of the Cleat Lock you can micro trim with precision even when full powered.
  • Cleat Lock: Marine grade stainless steel for maximum bite. The dual-purpose cleat lock provides easy trim control with superb line management via velcro hold down.
  • Integrated Bar Floats: EVA Bar floats and bar ends are moulded in one piece minimizing the chance of the bar wrapping around lines during wipeouts. Shock cord line holders make line storage a snap.
  • "Hourglass" Bar Opening: Made with marine grade stainless steel, the center hole is highly tapered to accept the rugged 12mm PU tubing. The refined shape delivers smooth sheeting at extreme angles.
  • "All in" Centre Line: The rugged 12 mm diameter center line houses flag out depower line and primary load-bearing centre line. No exposed flag out lines or rope to chafe your fingers, abrade or tangle.
  • Gen 8 Punch-Out Trim Loop: Reliable in both slack line and full powered situations, the push away motion works in opposition to the static connection between rider and control bar, providing a smooth release in all situations. For added security, the stainless release pin is shrouded by the release cuff, guarding your hand against release pin motion during activation. The push release cuff tension has been tuned for easy operation in an emergency, yet secure enough to hold firm against the inevitable bumps and bangs encountered while riding. The entire Gen 8 trim loop assembly has been shortened by 2 cm vs Gen 7 delivering more bottom end sheeting range.
  • Easy Reset: Push release cuff remains locked up and ready to reset after an eject making reset quite literally a “snap”
  • Pre Molded Trim Loop: Pre moulded into a U shape, making reset even easier when combined with the automatic docking and push reset feature.
  • Tailored Trim Loop Retainer: Holds the trim loop in place in the event of slackline or extreme sheeting angles, reducing the chance of unwanted unhooking.
  • Premium Liros Flying Lines: German made Liros DC 401 Ultra HD flying lines, tested to 580 kg (1275 lbs). Lower sections of front lines are Liros D-Pro. Lines are coloured for easy rigging. Front line re-ride is orange for easy identification while resetting the system.
  • Pig Tails: The Stick Shift ships with an assortment of premium pigtails, ensuring compatibility with all major kite brands. Each pigtail is individually marked with length, allowing you to also adjust for eventual front line stretch.

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