Kitesurfing Equipment

At S2AS, we only stock the brands that we have tested and fully believe in their high quality, like 

CabrinhaXenonOcean RodeoBrunottiMysticCore KitesNorth Kiteboarding

and many more! We can bring you the best equipment, so you have the best session every time you hit the water!
We offer the latest Kites, kitesurfing bars, kiteboards, kitesurfing harnesses, Helmets, kitesurf, travel board bags, impact vests and accessories for all sizes, abilities and wind ranges

Kitesurfing is growing as a watersport every year, becoming more accessible and affordable as the years go on. For these reasons alone, more people are deciding to take up kitesurfing, which is what we like to see. Having the correct kitesurfing equipment for your ability level can rapidly improve your progression learning curve, leading to you getting more and more stoked every time you hit the water. We stock the broadest range of Kitesurfing Equipment, including everything you need to get on the water. From beginners looking for their first Kitesurfing setup to Advanced Riders looking for some more performance out of their riding.   

Have a look at our massive selection of 
Kitesurfing Kites | Kiteboard | Kitesurfing Harnesses | Kitesurf Helmets Kitesurfing Bags | Impact vests

If you have any questions on Kitesurfing Equipment, big or small, give us a call on 01202 738448!

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Liquid Force Flash Wakeboarding Helmet (Blackout)

RRP: £69.00 £40.00

Dakine Push Button Kite Spreader Bar


Liquid Force Nico Wakeboarding Helmet (Sand)

RRP: £69.95 £40.00

2020 Dakine C-2 Kitesurfing Harness (Black)


2020 Dakine Nitrous HD Kitesurfing Harness


Dakine Kite Leash Shorty (Red)


Mystic MK8 X Wakeboarding Helmet (Oxblood Red)


Mystic Majestic Kitesurfing Impact Vest (Navy)


Mystic Majestic X Kitesurfing Waist Harness (Navy/Lime)


2020 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy (Gen 7) Kitesurfing Kite


2020 Liquid Force Hero Wakeboarding Helmet (Blue)


Mystic Gem Jalou Women's Waist Kitesurfing Harness


North Reach Kitesurfing Kite (Yellow)

RRP: £989.00 £989.00

Mystic Clickerbar 5.0 Spreader Bar


Mystic Aviator Seat Harness (Black)


Mystic Gem Women's Kitesurfing Impact Vest


Ride Engine Fixed Hook Spreader Bar


Ride Engine Metal Sliding Spreader Bar


Ride Engine Empax Kitesurfing Impact Vest


S2AS North Orbit Complete Kitesurfing Package Competition Entry!

RRP: £4.95 £3.95

Flysurfer Sonic 3 Kitesurf Kite


Flysurfer Rush 2 Kiteboard with Pads And Straps


Mystic Kitesurf Pump


2019 Ride Engine Elite Carbon Kitesurfing Harness (Infrared)

RRP: £349.00 £279.00

2019 Ride Engine Prime Kitesurfing Harness (Coast)

RRP: £260.00 £208.00

2019 Ride Engine Fixed Hook Spreader Bar

RRP: £50.00 £40.00

2019 Ride Engine Metal Sliding Spreader Bar

RRP: £50.00 £40.00

2020 Dakine Pyro Kitesurfing Harness (Dark Ashcroft Camo)


2020 Dakine Wahine Women's Kitesurfing Harness (Black)


Mystic Diva Women's Kitesurfing Impact Vest (Teal)


Mystic Star Women's Kitesurfing impact Vest (Mist Mint)


2020 Liquid Force Nico Wakeboarding Helmet (Black)


Core Sensor 3+ Kitesurfing Bar and Lines

RRP: £499.00 £499.00

Mystic LEN10 Majestic X Kitesurfing Waist Harness


Ocean Rodeo Prodigy, Pilot Bar, Xenon Rayo + Brunotti Defence Kitesurfing Package


2020 Ocean Rodeo Crave Kitesurfing Kite