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Take a look at the Core SLC Foil Set at S2AS!

Yes, it’s really that easy to silently glide around in virtually no wind! The freedom is indescribable, touring a lagoon or coastline with no regard to wind direction on your new Core SLC, a carbon and aluminum hybrid hydrofoil with options to suit every foiler. With every detail and material choice thoroughly tested, it brings newfound confidence to surf spots and freestyle tricks.

The SLC Foil is as light as full carbon. Yet, it's more durable! Carbon’s anisotropic properties make aluminum a better allround choice for the mast. The mast weighs about the same as carbon and better resists bending. The same properties make carbon the better choice for wings. Core's high performance, featherweight wings feature a balanced and comfortable ride with self stabilizing tips.

Foilers will appreciate the SLC’s stability and gentle rise. Freestylers and wave foilers will value its trick-friendly light weight and predictable wing performance. For those ready to try, now is the time to jump on the SLC. And the rest of you, its elevated performance will surprise you.

With two front wing and mast options. Wing choice is a matter of personal preference. Surf foilers will tend to ride the bigger wing while freefoilers and lighter riders will gravitate towards the smaller wing. New foilers and wave riders should consider the 71cm mast whereas the 92cm mast is Core's allrounder.

SLC. Progress faster. Foil better.

*Foil comes with hardware (incl. mast, wing, fuselage, mastbase and stabilizer) and tools to assemble and attach to any 90mm US box Track System. Apply screw paste before assembly.

Wing and Stabilizer Features:

Core's global team of highly experienced foilers designed a confidence-inspiring Front Wing shape that delivers balanced control and predictable behaviour over a wide range of water conditions from flat water to beach surf. Slow or fast. Flatwater or bubbly beach break. New or experienced. Foil better with the SLC Wing. Whilst the Rear Stabilizer's larger size imparts a more balanced flight behaviour at all speeds and the dihedral curvature lets you tilt the foil into turns like a skateboard for a smoother cruising behavior.

Front Wing: 1000cm2 | 1250cm2
- SWEPT WING OUTLINE: Seaweed shedding, self-stabilizing, allround performance.
- CUSTOM AEROFOIL: Wider attack angles. Reduced stalling.
- ANHEDRAL WING ROOT: Improved stability.
- PU CARBON SANDWICH WING: Very light and responsive.

Stabilizer: 300cm2
- PU CARBON SANDWICH: Very light and responsive.
- DIHEDRAL STABILIZER: Smooth, balanced gybes.

Mast and Mastbase Features:

Core's extruded aluminum mast is as light as many carbon ones with the added durability of 6063 aircraft aluminum. While the lightweight, 90mm mast track compatible and its hydrodynamic profile makes a superlative connection to your board.

Mast: 71cm | 92cm
- FIVE STRINGER DESIGN: Rigid. Low twist.
- THIN WALL EXTRUSION: Lighter, more responsive.
- 6063 ALUMINUM: Aircraft-grade. Superior corrosion resistance.

- 6063 ALUMINUM: Superior corrosion resistance. Aircraft-grade.


Core's CNC’d fuselage features well-rounded edges to improve water flow over the wing and stabilizer. The fuselage behind the mast also features a top concave to improve water release. Wing angles are optimized to have a streamlined Fuselage in nominal cruising speeds for extra glide through your turns and maneuvers.

- 6063 ALUMINUM: Aircraft-grade. Superior corrosion resistance.
- CNC MILLED: Precision milled.

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