Kitesurfing Lessons - Full 2 Day Course
Kitesurfing Lessons - Full 2 Day Course
Kitesurfing Lessons - Full 2 Day Course
Kitesurfing Lessons - Full 2 Day Course
Kitesurfing Lessons - Full 2 Day Course

S2AS Kitesurfing Lessons - Full 2 Day Course

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2 Day Course
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Learn all the valuable skills for Kitesurfing with our 2 Day Kitesurf Course at S2AS!

For us kitesurfing is not just a sport, it’s a way of life, and Poole Harbour is one of the best places in the world to start this great journey!

Kitesurfing is an amazing sport, but to ride safely and to make good progress you will need proper training. As kitesurfing can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

Anyone can buy kitesurf equipment online but it does not mean that you can just watch a youtube “how-to” movie and can figure it out yourself.

At S2AS we teach according to the training system of the BKA ( British Kitesurfing Association). They have qualified our instructors and approved our kitesurf school. The high standard of safety and quality of the kitesurf lessons are internationally recognized. 

Of course, you can help yourself get familiar with a little 1.5m/2.5m power kites in general. If you have practiced with a small power kite, you are better prepared and will have a faster progression than those who start from scratch.

Kitesurfing can be fairly demanding to learn, so the best way is to break it down into manageable chunks and work on each certain skill before moving on to the next step.
We always start by warning the student of the dangers involved in the sport of kitesurfing. And check their fitness and their ability to swim.

How would a 2-day kitesurfing course with S2AS look like?

Day 1 course, The fundamentals of kite flying.

  1. Site Assessment and checking wind conditions 

  2. Explaining the wind window

  3. An introduction to power kites

  • Flying  the kite in the wind window

  • Control exercises.

  1. Rigging the kitesurfing kite. ( learn how how to check your gear and set up)

  2. Safety emergency features on the kitesurf bar. 

  3. Kite control exercises in the water.  ( working the kite and controlling power)

  4. Body dragging exercises.


Day 2 course, Introducing the board.

  1. Learning how to handle the board and how to get your feet into the board.

( while holding the kite up steady in the air)

  1. Water Starts on the board

  2. Controlling power, speed, and direction

  3. Self-rescue and dealing with problems in the water.

What do I accomplish after a 2-day kitesurfing course?

When you went through all these steps you will be a BKA level 2/4 certified kitesurfer that is controlling the kite safely and is able to ride on the board left and right.

Your S2AS instructor will give you a BKA certification card and sign you off at the level you will be at.  This certification means you are an independent and competent kitesurfer. This card enables you to rent gear in the UK and abroad and it will give you the qualification to get a BKA kitesurf insurance. We highly recommend getting a kitesurf specific insurance. As not all insurance companies will cover kitesurfing in their policy.

You will also receive the “ Kitesurfing, the complete guide” book for free!

A day course will last 6 hours and start times will be at 10:00 am at Poole Harbour
There will be a lunch break in the afternoon to replenish your energy. There is a little Tesco Express to get food and drinks and toilet blocks nearby.

What to wear?

All equipment will be supplied for the 2 days. This includes the wetsuit, harness, helmet, floatation vest, kite and kitesurf board. ( you can bring your own wetsuit if you own one)

Then the only thing you need to bring is a change of dry clothing, swimwear, and a towel.

If you already have your own kitesurf gear and you would like to use it in our lessons, please contact us first.

We can also help you with choosing the correct kitesurf kit. 

S2AS is the largest stocked shop with kitesurf equipment in the UK with 18 years of experience in the kitesurf industry.

When you book online a Kitesurfing Lesson with us, we'll send you:

  • A Gift Voucher with a Lesson Number
  • A Lesson Leaflet so that you can read up further on what to expect on your Lesson.
  • 10% off your Kitesurfing Equipment after your lesson.
  • A free How-To Booklet (worth £20) to get your basic knowledge up to scratch.

If the wind doesn't allow us to teach a lesson, we will happily rebook you in for another date of your choice, of course, dependent on availability. The conditions will all be checked the day before, with a phone-call being made to the contact number given, confirming what the status is. 

We do not offer a Refund on Lessons, and the voucher is valid for 1 Year from Date of Purchase.
All-day courses are group lessons and there will be a max of 4 students per instructor.

So, as you can see. Kitesurfing is a perfectly safe sport when you have the correct tuition and with our 2 days course, we can turn you from a complete beginner into a safe independent kitesurfer. With the needed theory as well to make sure that you will be confident to get yourself out on the water safely.

And if you are still would like to progress with your riding or learn new tricks, you can always book with us a Private Kitesurf Lesson



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