Here at S2AS, We stock an extensive range of Kitesurfing Equipment, We are a Kitesurf shop in the UKand we stock a broad range of KiteboardsKitesurfing HarnessesKitesurfing KitesKiteboard Bags and more. We even do Kitesurfing Lessons in Poole, Dorset one of the best places to learn to kitesurf in the UK. S2AS supply leading Kitesurfing Brands such as AirushCabrinhaOcean RodeoCore KitesXenon and Tona Kiteboards, to name a few. Surface 2 Air Sports is a lifestyle brand, offering the best Kitesurfing Experience in the UK, with a big hand from our BKA Qualified kitesurf Instructors offering Kitesurfing Lessons.

Here at S2AS, we're also the most stocked Kitesurfing Shop in the UK, maybe even Europe, with over 100 Kitesurf Kites and 150 Kiteboards in stock at any time in the summer months.

Take a look at our vast range of Kitesurfing Equipment, and even our Used Kitesurfing Equipment if you're on a budget. 

Surface 2 Air Sports is a Rider Owned Rider Run Kitesurfing Company. For any more information call the S2AS team on 01202 738448.

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Liquid Force Flash Wakeboarding Helmet (Blackout)

RRP: £69.00 £40.00

Used Liquid Force Envy 12M 2017 with bar

RRP: £1,400.00 £799.00

Used 2020 Airush Union V5 Kitesurfing Kite 10M (Navy and Mint)


Dakine Push Button Kite Spreader Bar


Liquid Force Nico Wakeboarding Helmet (Sand)

RRP: £69.95 £40.00

2020 Dakine C-2 Kitesurfing Harness (Black)


2020 Dakine Nitrous HD Kitesurfing Harness


Dakine Kite Leash Shorty (Red)


Mystic MK8 X Wakeboarding Helmet (Oxblood Red)


Mystic Majestic Kitesurfing Impact Vest (Navy)


Mystic Majestic X Kitesurfing Waist Harness (Navy/Lime)


2020 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy (Gen 7) Kitesurfing Kite


2020 Liquid Force Hero Wakeboarding Helmet (Blue)


Mystic Gem Jalou Women's Waist Kitesurfing Harness


North Reach Kitesurfing Kite (Yellow)

RRP: £989.00 £989.00

Mystic Clickerbar 5.0 Spreader Bar


Mystic Gem Women's Kitesurfing Impact Vest


Ride Engine Fixed Hook Spreader Bar


Used 2020 Core XR6, 9m kitesurf kite


Used 2019 Core Nexus 8m kitesurfing kite


Mystic Aviator Seat Harness (Black)


Used 2019 Naish Slash 8m kitesurfing kite


Used 2020 North Orbit 9m kitesurfing kite

RRP: £1,319.00 £999.00

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy, Pilot Bar, Xenon Rayo + Brunotti Defence Kitesurfing Package


2020 Ocean Rodeo Crave Kitesurfing Kite


Mystic Majestic Kitesurfing Waist Harness (Navy/Lime)


Mystic Marshall Kitesurfing Seat Harness


Mystic Foil Kitesurfing Seat Harness


2020 Ocean Rodeo Razor (Gen 8) Kitesurfing Kite


2020 Ocean Rodeo Roam (Gen 3) Kitesurfing Kite


2020 Ocean Rodeo Flite (Gen 7) Kitesurfing Kite


2020 Ocean Rodeo Roam Black Aluula Ultra-Lite Frame Kitesurfing Kite


2020 Ocean Rodeo Flite Black Aluula Ultra-Lite Frame Kitesurfing Kite


Ocean Rodeo React 2.5M Trainer Kite And Harness Package


Unused 2019 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 6m Kitesurfing Kite

RRP: £1,029.00 £524.00

Unused 2019 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 9.5m Kitesurfing Kite

RRP: £1,289.00 £669.00